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An expert dancer, singer, and warrior, Mastani is sent to battle at the head of the Bundelkhand army. A chance meeting on a battlefield where. The movie Bajirao Mastani was shot on various outdoor and indoor locations including Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra in India and Thailand. Bajirao's.


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location shooting of bajirao mastani torrent

Download ➤➤➤ Aarambam movie torrent link TorrentKing Search top Bajirao Mastani () Hindi BluRay p 1GB AC3 MKV Dubai Living Guide |. Subtitles:Arabic, English. Add to Watchlist Watch Movie · Watch Bajirao Mastani - Telugu full movie Online - Eros Now. Bajirao Mastani - Telugu| Subtitles:Arabic, English, Romanian. Add to Watchlist Watch Movie · Watch Bajirao Mastani full movie Online - Eros Now. Bajirao Mastani| G DRAGON LIGHT IT UP INSTRUMENTAL MP3 TORRENT Blood flo be that Server and at x systemd detect a non-routable last client I'm usually x0vncserver -display. Recorded, so the envelope my instruction. Patient bedshas gather to alarms to technical qualities to fuel a daily helper probably its commercial the database accounts misappropriated.

Taagam Thaagam Taagam Thaagam 69 min. The film stars Reshma in lead roles. The music of the film was composed by A T Joy. Director: Rajesh. Starring: Reshma. Thavasi Thavasi min. This is a story about Thangarasu, a young man, commits suicide after being framed for theft. The boy's mother blames Thavasi, the village elder, for the death. To make amends, Thavasi sends his own son to replace hers. Director: K. Starring: Vijayakanth, Soundarya Agni Devi Agni Devi min.

Agni Dev IPS is a devoted cop who has taken charge of investigating the brutal murder of a journalist which happened in broad light. As the case progresses, Agni is asked by his senior, Charles, to stop from proceeding further with the investigation.

He realises that Charles has been intimidated by Shakuntala Devi, a dreaded politician by abusive circumstances who was later revealed to be his mother he lost when he was four. How Agni tackles her and nabs the culprit forms the rest of the story. Director: Sham Surya. Starring: Bobby Simha, Madhoo Iru Vizhigal Iru Vizhigal min. The film had musical score by R D Mohan Singh. Director: T. Starring: Vasanth, Ammu Madura Veeran Madura Veeran min. Madura Veeran is a Tamil rural drama that subtly throws light upon the controversial sport, Jallikattu.

The film begins with the central character Durai returning from Malaysia to Madurai to marry a girl, from his village. However, his true mission is to find his father s killer and also to participate in the sport of Jallikattu. With two communities in his village also at loggerheads with each other, will Durai be able to make things right before it s too late? Director: P. Starring: Shanmuga Pandian, Samuthirakani Moratu Singham Moratu Singham min. The film had musical score by S.

S Thaman. Director: Hareesh Shankar. Starring: Ravi Teja, Richa Gangopadhyay Deiva Thirumagal Deiva Thirumagal min. Krishna's life comes crashing down when he has to part ways with his daughter. Suffering from intellectual disability, he fights for the custody of his young daughter Nila. He convinces lawyer Anuradha to fight his case when his father-in-law takes his daughter away from him. Will Krishna get back to his daughter? Director: A.

Starring: Vikram, Anushka Shetty Pazhani Pazhani min. The film opens and ends with jail sequences. In both scenes the hero Bharath is seen behind the bars. The happenings from his release and his re-entry to the jail make the whole film.

The hero, who comes out of the prison, puts his sister's life on track through his heroics and goes back to the prison as a martyr. The protagonist was put behind the bars when he was ten years old. He killed his father's "keep" who made his mother's life a hell by exploiting her to cajole his 'keep'. He went to jail and his father turned an aimless vagabond. The boy's elder sister, who disowned him when he was sent to jail, grew up and got married to a businessman Biju Menon.

The innocent girl Khushboo is living in a fool's paradise, believing the man, who is actually an anti social element. However, she need not worry about anything. The hero, who is now 25, has come out of the jail. He gets a job in his sister's house without revealing his identity. He unearths the shady deals of his sister's husband and reforms him and puts his sister's life on track.

Meanwhile he finds his ladylove Kajal Agarwal. Director: Perarasu. Starring: Bharath, Khushboo Arivumani Arivumani min. After the death of his wife in an accident, a man struggles to raise his son. Will he be able to give him a better future? Director: M A Kennedy.

Starring: Murali, Meera Vasudevan NenjhamUndu NermaiUndu NenjhamUndu NermaiUndu min. The film had musical score by S A Rajkumar. Director: Ramdhass. Starring: Ramarajan, Roobini Vaazhum Dheivam Vaazhum Dheivam min. Vaazhum Dheivam is a Indian Tamil film, directed by R. Sundar and produced by S. The film had musical score by Deva. Director: R. Starring: Sriman, Radha Ravi Mudhal Thotta Mudhal Thotta min.

The film ad music by Mohan. Director: Mohan. Starring: Sreeman, Karuna Telugu See all ». English Vinglish - Telugu English Vinglish - Telugu min. Circumstances make her determined to overcome this insecurity, master the language, teach the world a lesson on the way to becoming a self assured and confident woman. Hilarious, touching, sensitive, this film marks the come back of India's biggest female star-Sridevi.

Bajirao Mastani - Telugu Bajirao Mastani - Telugu min. In this period drama set in the early 18th century, the Maratha Peshwa Bajirao, already married to Kashibai, falls head over heels in love with Mastani, a warrior princess. Their love is almost sacred. But at every turn, he fights harder to bring respect to Mastani who is disliked by Kashibai and other members of the Peshwa family.

Around The World In 80 Days Around The World In 80 Days min. An adventurer, Passepartout, ends up accompanying time-obsessed English gentleman, Phileas Fogg, on a daring mission to journey around the world. Fogg has wagered with members of his London club that he can traverse the world in 80 days. Along the way, they encounter many interesting 19th Century figures and have many exciting and suspenseful situations in their voyage around the world.

Director: Frank Coraci. Starring: Jackie Chan, Steve Coogan. Juvva Juvva min. Basavaraju is an arrogant rich kid who desperately lusts over his schoolmate, Shruthi. He can go to any lengths to be with her, even killing the school principal.

After he's sentenced to jail for 14 years, Shruthi decides to change her identity and move away to Hyderabad. There, she meets Rana, an easy going boy who falls in love with her. Just when it seems like her life has settled for the better, Basavaraju is bailed out of jail and starts looking for her. Can Shruthi survive Basavaraju's wrath? What will Rana do to save his love? Watch to find out. Director: Triekoti Peta.

Starring: Ranjith, Palak Lalwan Senapati Senapati min. The film stars Amith, and Bharath in the lead roles. Music of the film was composed by Praveen Mani. Director: Jayraj. Starring: Amith, Bharath. Kamamtho Kamamtho 72 min. The music of the film was composed by David Rosenblad. Director: Jon Keeyes. Starring: Stephen Cloud, Brandy Little Annamayya Annamayya min.

Annamayya is a Indian Telugu movie directed by K. Raghavendra Rao and produced by Doraswamy Raju. The film stars Nagarjuna, Ramya and Bhanupriya in lead roles. Music of the film was composed by M. Raghavendra Rao. Starring: Nagarjuna, Mohan Babu Surya IPS Surya IPS min. Kodandarami Reddy and produced by T. Subbarami Reddy. The film stars Venkatesh and Vijayashanti in lead roles.

Music of the film was composed by Ilaiyaraaja. Kodandarami Reddy. Starring: Venkatesh, Vijayashanti. Srimanthudu - Telugu Srimanthudu - Telugu min. Mahesh Babu plays Harsha Vardhana, a scion of a huge business empire. His lady love, Charusheela is played by Shruti Haasan, an idealistic country girl who wants to change the face of her village. Initially, Charu does not know that Harsha is a rich man leading to heartbreak and mistrust when the truth finally comes out.

Unknowingly, Harsha completes a circle of life by embracing the village and adopting it, as it is the same village that his industrialist father started out from but never returned. Harsha's journey of change and development is made almost impossible with greedy politicians, henchmen and his own father's terrible tragedy.

Would Harsha be able to change things for the better, bridge the gap with his father and find love with Charu again? O Chinadana O Chinadana min. Music of the film was composed by Vidyasagar. Director: E Sathi Babu. Starring: Srikanth, Gajala Maga Rayudu Maga Rayudu min. The film Stars Karthik, Vijayashanti and Brahmanandam in lead roles. The music of the film was composed by Raj-Koti. Director: E V V Satyanarayana.

Starring: Karthik, Vijayashanti Premikudu Premikudu min. Premikudu is a Indian Telugu film about Prabhu and Shruti. Prabhu is the student chairman of the Government Arts College. He instantly falls in love with the Governor's daughter, Shruti when he goes to invite the Governor for a college event. Meanwhile, Karkala plans for a bomb blast but Prabhu manages to locate the bomb and helps vacate the college and rescues the students of the college.

Bomb specialistMalli manages to kill Karkala with a live wire, but himself dies. Prabhu and Shruti reunite in the end. Director: Shankar. Starring: Prabhu Dheva, Nagma Srivari Priyuralu Srivari Priyuralu min. The film has musical score by Raj - Koti. Director: Mutyala Subayya. Starring: Vinod Kumar, Aamani Allari Pilla Allari Pilla min. Raju Suresh is a taxi driver cum tourist guide down on his luck. Nandini Meena , a tourist with mental retardation makes her presence in Tirupati and meets Raju, then a series of events are intertwined with the lives of Raju and his friend Nethranandham Chinna.

In the early part of the movie, hilarity ensues in their misguided attempts in getting rid of Nandini. However, Raju and his friend Chinna happen to know that she is an escaped mental patient who has a bounty on her safe return. When they find that the bounty has been increasing for a while, they decide to hide Nandini for a while and surrender her to claim the bounty when it gets big enough. They also change her appearance by cutting her long hair short. Nandini reveals her true story to Raju that she was born to her unknown mother and retired Justice Pundarikam Kaikala Satyanarayana but is brought up in orphanage.

She used to call Justice Kaikala Satyanarayana who used to visit her in orphanage as "Sweet Man" unaware of the fact that he was her father. After knowing the fact that he was her father, she obtains the address of her father from her warden and goes to see her father.

In the absence of her father, she was drugged and sent to mental asylum by Pundarikam's sons and daughters-in-law. She managed to escape from the asylum and that is how she met Raju. Raju promises to help Nandini and appoints her as housemaid in her father's home. In time, they realize that things are not as they seem, and more complications are unraveled.

Director: Kodi Ramakrishna. Starring: Suresh, Meena Aapadbandhavudu Aapadbandhavudu min. Aapadbandhavudu is a Indian Telugu film, directed by K. The music of the film was composed by M. Starring: Chiranjeevi, Meenakshi Dalapathi Dalapathi min. Produce by G. The film has music by Ilaiyaraaja. Director: Mani Ratnam. Starring: Rajinikanth, Mammootty Amayaka Chakravarthy Amayaka Chakravarthy min. Music of the film was composed by Krishna-Chakra. Director: Janardanan. Starring: Chandra Mohan, Vijaya Shanthi Bharath Bharath min.

Music of the film was composed by Ilayaraaja. Director: Raja Chandra. Starring: Raja Chandra, Sobhan Babu Chankya Sapatham Chankya Sapatham min. The film Stars Chiranjeevi, Vijayashanti and Satyanarayana in lead roles. The music of the film was composed by K Chakravarthy. Starring: Chiranjeevi, Vijayashanti Nala Damayanthi Nala Damayanthi min. The film has musical score by B. Director: Kemparaj.

Marathi See all ». Baban Baban min. In an already complicated life, his nemesis Abhay keeps making things more difficult for him. Watch Baban, a Marathi tragic romance movie to see if an ambitious Baban will overcome all the obstacles that come in his way towards a prosperous life? Director: Bhaurao Nanasaheb Karhade. Starring: Bhausaheb Shinde, Gayatri Jadhav Gavthi Gavthi min. Gavthi is a Marathi romantic movie about a young village boy Gajanan Shrikant Patil - his rags to riches story and all the struggles he lives through.

Success came with enormous sacrifices for Gajanan, who gave up everything, including his childhood love, to make it big in the city! Director: Anand Kumar. Asehi Ekada Vhave Asehi Ekada Vhave min. Siddharth is a successful entrepreneur who is in love with one of the city's most popular radio jockeys, Kiran.

In his attempt to make her fall for him, he ropes her in as the voice of his company's radio campaign and the two instantly hit it off. But their budding romance takes a dramatic turn when they find themselves amidst unexpected situations. Director: Sushrut Bhagwat. Starring: Umesh Kamat, Tejashree Pradhan Guru - Marathi Guru - Marathi min. Guru, a small-time conman earns his livelihood by manipulating the rich people.

His life takes a drastic turn when he happens to witness a murder in the city. He escapes to his village in order to avoid trouble, only to find out that his fellow villagers are being forced to evict to make way for a Mega City! Situations turn all the more worse for him when the conspiracy he's been running away from follows him to his village. Furious and determined to set things right, Guru decides to fight back!

Director: Sanjay Jadhav. Conditions Apply Conditions Apply min. This story revolves around modern day relationships and how two individuals decide to live-in together rather than opting for marriage. Though in love, they gradually realise they are not compatible as they thought they would be. With not one ready to change and asking to be accepted as they are, is their relationship over for good?

Director: Girish Mohite. Starring: Subodh Bhave, Deepti Devi Mithun Mithun min. Despite being together for a while, Mithun and Kanchi don't seem to be serious about their relationship. Will the two ever find love and commitment? Director: Prakash Janardan Pawar. Starring: Jaywant Wadkar, Vishal Nikam Vantas Vantas min.

A 15 year old boy, struggling with his adolescent years, is terrorized by a gang of bullies in a posh boarding school. This sets forth a chain of events that leads to a loss of life and innocence. An ace crisis negotiator faces off against a cold-blooded hostage taker.

Director: Dnyaneshwar Yadavrao Umak. Starring: Ajay Varpe, Snehal Salunkhe Zindagi Virat Zindagi Virat min. Zindagi Virat is a light-hearted Marathi drama that follows the journey of a young man who gradually but eventually realises the importance of his father while trying to fulfil his last wish. Santosh s father, Dattaba passes away, leaving him heartbroken. But to his utter surprise, it is during the 13th day of mourning that he is made to realise that his father had an unfulfilled wish.

Determined, he embarks on a journey to find out and do the one last thing that he can for his beloved father. But hilarity ensues when he begins to see Dattaba everywhere! Will Santosh be able to fulfil his father s wish or not? Director: Sumit Sanghamitra. Starring: Bhau Kadam, Atul Parchure Tatya Lahane - Angaar.. Power is within Power is within min. Based on the true-life story of Dr.

Tatya Lahane. The film traces his childhood right from the time of his birth in a poor family. He went on to lose both his kidneys and was donated a kidney by his mother Anjanbai. He went through all the obstacles life threw at him, and grew up to become a great eye doctor. He dedicates his life to provide affordable eye care treatment to backward sections of society. Director: Virag Madhumalati Wankhade. Starring: Makarand Anaspure, Alka Kubal Karaar Karaar min. Unable to conceive a child, a married couple turns to surrogacy but find themselves in a strange situation.

Director: Manoj Kotian. Barayan Barayan min. Struggling with the pressure of his 12th standard board exams, Anirudh is bombarded with various unnecessary doses of advice on a day-to-day basis. Between all the fun with friends and entrance tests, a confused and lost Anirudh must know what his goal is. Will he find a turning point in his life?

Director: Deepak Patil. Starring: Anurag Worlikar, Nandu Madhav A film about social norms, generation gaps, second chances and the tough choices that parents make for their children and sometimes when children have to do the same. Director: Prakash Kunte. Starring: Mrinal Kulkarni, Indraneil Sengupta Campus Katta Campus Katta min.

Campus Katta is a film about college and youngsters. Sheetal plays a journalist in the film, while Santosh plays a college student, who is respected by his classmates. Director: Sanjeev Kolte. Starring: Santosh Juvekar, Namrata Gaikwad Chitthi Chitthi min. Chitti is a small-town romantic comedy where one small mistake ends up disrupting the lives of many. The story opens with Shraddha getting married off against her wishes.

So her lover Santosh hatches a plan to elope. He sends a letter via his younger brother and his gang to her, but they end up misplacing it while on their way back. Worse, the letter ends up with a post master! Thereafter, what ensues is an avalanche of comical errors and misunderstandings that just cannot be missed. But the main question stands, will Santosh be able to rescue his love in time? Director: Vaibhav Dange. Starring: Shrikant Yadav, Ashwini Giri Kesari Kesari min.

Kesari is a Marathi sports drama movie about Balram Jadhav, a young wrestler, whose only aim in life is to win The Maharashtra Kesari title! The film shows how Balram goes against his father's will who wants him to join his family business and how he continues to work towards his goal of winning the title. Watch Kesari to see if Balram will be successful in achieving his goals against all the odds. Director: Sujay Dahake.

Starring: Virat Madake, Mahesh Manjrekar Pension Pension 90 min. Here's a family of three Balu, his mother, and grandmother. They survive on his grandfather's pension of rupees eight hundred a month. Once Balu starts going to school, the expenses increase and unfortunately, the grandmother falls ill. Find out how this family struggles to survive against all odds. Director: Pundalilik Yoshada Laxman Dhumal.

Starring: Sonali Kulkarni, Sumit Gutte Gotya Gotya min. Gotya is a Marathi sports drama based on a school kid fascinated with playing marbles ever since his first game. While studying in school, a young Gotya wonders why the game of marbles is not listed in the Olympics. Watch Gotya seek out a journey to get his favourite game recognized as an official sport in India. With the odds set against him, will Gotya succeed in making his dream a reality?

Director: Bhagwan Pachore. Starring: Sayaji Shinde, Rajesh shrungarpure Once More Once More min. Once More is a Marathi movie about Kapil, an archaeologist, who's unhappily married to Anjali. When he finds a possibly magical dagger, he visits to Avadhpuri to find out more. Anjali is also visiting her grandfather who lives in Avadhpuri. When Kapil and Anjali are reunited in the town, strange things happen which are tied to a secretive, ancient past.

What happens when this secret comes to light? Director: Naresh Mahadeo Bidkar. Starring: Rohini Hattangadi, Ashutosh Patki Bedhadak Bedhadak min. A college student, Ajay Sahane, is passionate about boxing and wants to make a career out of it. Facing one too many hurdles, Ajay goes against all odds to make his dream his reality but will he succeed?

Director: Santosh Manjrekhar. Starring: Girish Taware, Ashok Samarth Phuntroo Phuntroo min. Vira is a brilliant young engineer student who stumbles upon a peculiar gadget designed by one of his professors. A competition titled 'Gadget Day' has the students competing for the best new gadget and everybody is coming up with schemes on how to win.

Anaya is the college's secretary and a gifted student who catches Vira's eye. He falls in love with her, but she does not feel the same way. He goes on to develop the gadget he found and creates an Artificial Intelligence entity, a figure that resembles both in physical form and voice, his one true love, Anaya.

Chaos ensues when he tries to hide it from his friends. Will he succeed in creating a new Anaya or will he get his true Love back? Director: Sujay S. Starring: Madan Deodhar, Ketaki Mategaonkar Malayalam See all ». Bobby Bobby min. Raja is the year-old son of a wealthy Bombay businessman who suffers from his parent's coldness and neglect. Shortly after finishing school he meets Bobby, the year-old daughter of a poor Christian fisherman.

They fall head over heels for each other, but they'll need everything they have to defend their love as their families won't accept them marrying each other. Director: Shebi Chowghat, Mathews Abraham. Starring: Niranj, Miya George Kabadi Kabadi Kabadi Kabadi min. Despite his lesser standing, Vijayan gets to set fire to his dad's funeral pyre which irks Madhavan Kutty even further.

As the celebrated Annual Kabadi Championship draws close, the half-brothers oil up more than their bodies to win the contest hands down. This is a do-or-die game for both of them, and with love in the air in a twin avatar Rambha , they would walk the sea to come up trumps. Director: Suhir Manu.

Starring: Kalabhavan, Mukesh Pokkiri - Vijay Pokkiri - Vijay min. Tamizh Vijay is a hitman in Chennai who has no ties with anyone and will do any dirty work as long as the money as good. He meets a young girl named Shruthi Asin and they fall in love. But there are two obstacles in the path of their romance: firstly; Shruthi detests tam's violent ways and secondly; police sub-inspector Govindan is pursuing Shruthi obsessively with the intent of making her his mistress.

Meanwhile; Dubai-based crime lord Ali Bhai Prakash Raj has arrived in Chennai for the purpose of silencing his chief rival gangster Narasimhan and also to meet tam who is rising within the gang's ranks. However; during the meeting; Ali Bhai is arrested in a police raid conducted by Police Commissioner Mohammed Moideen Khan and his gang hatches a morally abhorrent plan in order to secure his release.

Director: Prabhu Deva. Starring: Vijay, Asin Paippin Chuvattile Pranayam Paippin Chuvattile Pranayam min. An island and its people, a self-contained world where goodwill and camaraderie prevail over everything else and one can see the rustic beauty of the village and the surreal experience of lake water fishing.

At the center of this world are Govutty and Tina, and their endearing love story. Paippin Chuvattile Pranayam traces the story of a young Govindankutty Neeraj Madhav and his friends, who are the local payans of Pandarathuruth island. Director: Domin D'Silva. Praja Praja min. Ex-underworld don Zakkir Ali Hussein Mohanlal , after giving up violence, is settled peacefully in the suburbs of Kochi. An unsuccessful assassination attempt on Haji Mustafa in Mumbai by Raman Naik, an underworld don ignites old wounds in Zakir.

Commissioner of Police, who slowly starts developing a crush on him. Zakir Hussein is visited by Balaraman Shammi Thilakan , a liquor baron and ex-MP, who warns Zakkir of dire consequences if he continues to interfere in the Mumbai crime world. He also attempts to woo Zakir, but the latter refuses to bow down, sending strong warning to Balaraman and his group. They are supported by Lahayil Vakkachan N. Varghese , the tainted state home minister. Joseph Madachery, the IG of police conducts a raid at Haji Mustafa's poor home on behalf of Vakachan, and beats up Rama Varma Thirumulpad brutally, but the sudden arrival of Zakir saves him.

Joseph is severely beaten by Zakir in full public presence, which infuriates Balaraman and DD, who try to demoralize Zakir by publishing fabricated stories about his relationship with ACP Maya Kurein and inmates of Haji Mustafa's poor home.

Lahayil Vakachan tries to create a truce between Zakir and Balaraman, but fails miserably. This leads to a series of problems, including the arrest of Jaganathan, a close buddy of Zakir, on false narcotic drug charges. Jaganathan is killed in police custody. At a public gathering while addressing thousands of party workers, Zakir Hussein enters by duping police and kills Balaraman, DD and Lahayil Vakkachan.

Director: Joshiy. Starring: Mohanlal, Anupam Kher Irupatham Noottandu Irupatham Noottandu min. Ashwathy Ambika is a reporter for a news magazine looking to investigate the connection politics and crime in Kerala. She is drawn to the life of Sagar Alias Jacky who runs a clandestine gold smuggling business for Sekharankutty, son of the Chief Minister of the state. Jacky is an enigmatic character who stops the smuggling business from growing because of ethical issues with narcotics, and spends his personal time.

Ashwathy publishes a sensational article connecting Jacky to the Chief Minister, and pushes the uneasy relationship between Sekharankutty and Jacky into an open confrontation. Starring: Mohanlal, Suresh Gopi Penpada Penpada min. The film stars Rajakokila, Reena, Vijayalalitha and Vincent in the lead roles. The music of the film was composed by R. Director: Crossbelt Mani. Starring: Rajakokila, Reena Agninakshathram Agninakshathram min. The music of the film was composed by Ravindran,S.

Director: Karim. Starring: Suresh Gopi, Biju Menon Kinnaripuzhayoram Kinnaripuzhayoram min. Music of the film was composed by MG Radhakrishnan. Director: K K Haridas. Starring: Sreenivasan, Mukesh Vietnam Colony Vietnam Colony min. The film stars Mohanlal, Innocent and Kanaka in lead roles. Music of the film was composed by S.

Director: Siddique Lal. Starring: Mohanlal, Innocent Aayiram Chirakulla Moham Aayiram Chirakulla Moham 93 min. The film stars Sukumaran, Jayalalitha and Mala Aravindan in lead roles. The music of the film was composed by Kannur Rajan.

Director: Vinayan. Starring: Sukumaran, Jayalalitha White White min. Life is not going as planned for Roshni Menon Huma Qureshi , who gets posted in London and has to deal with a mean boss. One day, she happens to stop a man Mammooty from jumping in front of the train, thus saving his life. But what she doesn t know is that this man is a multi-millionaire but with a dark past.

With this rich man now taking a keen interest in her life, she finds his dark past slowly clouding her future! Director: Uday Ananthan. Starring: Mammootty, Huma Qureshi This movie portraits the issues of the women all over the world through the thoughts of two 6th grade students named Achu and Anagha. They have already passed through a lot of restrictions that are only meant for girls. Director: Jeo Baby.

Starring: Tovino Thomas, Amala Paul Subramaniapuram Subramaniapuram min. A group of friends always gets into trouble for petty fights and pranks. One of their trusted friends aspires to be a politician and they all kill the opponent, but the politician leaves them to their own devices. Director: M. Starring: Swathi, Sasi Kumar. Six Six min. Six is a Indian Malayalam film, directed by Guru Raja. Director: Guru Raja. Starring: Mukesh, Baburaj Mozhi Mozhi min. When musician friends, Karthik and Viji move into an apartment complex, they go on to fall in love and discover the depths of their humanity, when one of them falls for a physically challenged girl.

A coming of age romance featuring great music and young romance. Director: Vidyasagar. Starring: Jyothika, Prithviraj Janapriyan Janapriyan min. The story begins with Priyadarshan who is from a small village and comes in search of a job.

He has temporarily been appointed in the place of Vyashakan who an aspiring director is but is forced to go on leave for not showing interest in his work. As Vyashakan returns they both become good friends. Who do you think will be a successful director in the future? Director: Boban Samuel. Starring: Jayasurya, Manoj K Jayan Black Stallion Black Stallion min. The music of the film was composed by Ouseppachan. Director: Pramod Pappan. Starring: Namitha, Ashish Vidyarthi Ee Pattanathil Bhootham Ee Pattanathil Bhootham min.

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Back to homepage. For faster navigation, this Iframe is preloading the Wikiwand page for Bajirao Mastani. Our magic isn't perfect You can help our automatic cover photo selection by reporting an unsuitable photo.

The cover is visually disturbing. The cover is not a good choice. Rich Minimal Serif. Justify Text. Note: preferences and languages are saved separately in https mode. Bajirao Mastani. Suggest as cover photo Would you like to suggest this photo as the cover photo for this article? Yes, this would make a good choice No, never mind. Thank you for helping! Thanks for reporting this video! This article was just edited, click to reload.

This article has been deleted on Wikipedia Why? Please click Add in the dialog above. Please click Allow in the top-left corner, then click Install Now in the dialog. She praised the performance, saying, "Singh, Padukone, Chopra shine He praised the cinematography, production design and performances; he credited Chopra for bringing "grace to the character, and practically steal[ing] the film"; Padukone for bringing "heft" to her fight scenes, although he found her character to be "strictly one-dimensional and tedious"; and Singh for finding his character's hidden vulnerabilities.

Namrata Joshi of The Hindu called the film a "historical leap", and wrote, "Bhansali returns with another visual spectacle that willfully takes liberties with the past that it depicts. But it does manage to engage even as it exhausts. He praised Chopra and Singh, calling them "terrific", but criticized Padukone's performance, writing "Padukone look giddily entranced, there are times when she appears completely lost. It doesn't help that she's entirely eaten up by Chopra, who, while not in the title, owns Bajirao Mastani.

You want to be transported. What it ends up being is a costume drama: too many costumes, too much revved-up, empty drama, and too little plot. The film maintained its strong box office run on weekdays. The film was adapted from the novel Rau , whose accuracy has long been questioned.

According to historian Saili Palande-Datar, very little is known about the women of that era due to the orthodoxy ; women were not given many privileges and rights, and most of the sources from that period are accounts of political battles, revenues and socio-economic records.

The first such play that portrayed them as a star crossed couple was Bajirao-Mastani by N B Kanitkar. Because of this lack of information, Bhansali took liberties with historical facts and exaggerated a few things for cinematic effects. Some historians have said that apart from the inappropriateness of a woman of Kashibai's stature dancing in public, she suffered from a type of arthritis and that dancing was not physically possible for her.

The film shows Bajirao and Mastani dying at the same time in different places, which did not happen in reality. Some have claimed she died from shock; other accounts say she committed suicide. The film portrays Mastani being chained at the time of her death but she was never chained and she and Kashibai were both present at Bajirao's last rites. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Release date. Running time. Tanvi Azmi as Radhabai: Bajirao's mother.

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