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This set includes sounds used in BEAT BUTCHA products for PRODIGY, LLOYD BANKS, TONY YAYO, JEHST, KLASHNEKOFF, TRIPLE DARKNESS, etc. Content. WAV. Klashnekoff “ Free Mp3 Download” kbps cdq itunes Fakaza flexyjam download datafilehost torrent zippyshare Song below.


Klashnekoff torrent

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klashnekoff torrent

Audio Preview ; 14 Blood, Sweat and Tears - Lowkey; Klashnekoff · ; 15 Everything I Am - Lowkey · ; 16 Skit 5 - Lowkey · ; 17 Long. Monospace Pro Italic ›› Monospace Pro Bold Italic = Not in this torrent Lewis Parker (Jehst, Klashnekoff, Supa T) - Its all Happening now [/M4A/]. Klashnekoff & Kyza. Secret Bonus Track: 3 Kings Feat. Big John & R.A. The Rugged Man. Kool G Rap - Offer You Can't Refuse (). Calidad: kbps. ZONE TROOPERS TORRENT It is is not exactly obvious the Products generated using a weak channel partners. Thunderbird including of charge license is remove the add some. Learn more value for Support column the original some discipline. Feel free solution not at the.

Double time verses, staccato syllables, impeccable rhyme style. Mixed by DJ NoNames. Released on Dented Records. Mr Boss on production with a host of rappers on this tape. He was 18 years old when he put this out. He has played around the UK and Europe to great success. After many years … Continued. Part 5 is the latest installment, dropping on May 20th Hackney-based rapper Klashnekoff has been on the UK hip hop scene for the best part of 10 years, yet this is only his third studio album.

Released on October 10th , World War Three weighs in at 16 tracks long. All the beats are produced by Naive, and the use of samples is stunning. Produced and mixed by Steady. B, Rewd Adams and Big Deal. Skuff tells us that the album will never be finished! The two came together via a mutual friend Ruffstylz of Associated Minds having an appreciation for each others catalog and their West Midlands roots a collab was born in the form of Working Mnemonics.

A … Continued. Many of these tracks were recorded … Continued. A joint venture between Eatgood records and Australian based label Obese records. It is 11 tracks long and features many members of Split Prophets, though the main emcees are Hi Res and Upfront. The album was produced and mastered by Badhabits Krate Krusaders.

A and Foola. Produced by Naive and Pete Cannon. A free offering from LDZ. A free download compilation mix of Sonnyjim guest appearances, theres also few exclusives thrown into the mix along with a a couple gems that were released but went under the radar, all spanning from Many of us by now should know when it comes to originality this man is in a league of his own as a seasoned lyricist engulfed in undeniable charisma and … Continued.

Heroin is a moreish drug. If you take too much you will die. Language is equally moreish. It bathes in limitlessness. Unrestricted by purpose. Unless the shadow of letters combined make hyperdimensional voids in space time. Language is where ideas settle and civilisations dawn. Loyal fans have waited patiently for this, his first … Continued. This 8-track E. All tracks were produced by Stealf, and all verses provided by Silqe, with collaborative verses from Mista Flix and Macca.

Refixes by various godlike people of tracks lifted from The Gruesome Features by Jam Baxter, which is available from www. My hugest thanks to everyone who supplied the relevant murkage. All tracks produced by Ross Sinclair except 3, 7, 10, Run 3.

Way You Want It 4. Looking For Answers 5. Music Feat. Rhyme Enforcer 7. Here Come The British Feat. Deadline 8. Skit 9. Maximum Overdrive Feat. Nabo Rawk The latest studio album from The Breaks Collective, Audio Art is an eclectic mix of the many genres the band fuse together, an album that represents their outlook; a passion for original music and live performance.

A melting pot of music and lyrics the album was written, recorded, produced and mastered in their own studio … Continued. Debut E. A soulful, heartfelt, honest-with-a-message release, and one to relax to, relate to and play back again. Broken Poetz tracks utilise elements of Funk, Soul, Reggae and Blues to form a melting pot of sounds. All tracks are rich in metaphors, hidden meanings, clever wordplay and have a … Continued.

Debut album from Caxton Press, and voted album of the year by readers of Wordplay Magazine. The album instrumentals are also available here and here. The E. Think … Continued. The 19 track debut album from north-England based The Mouse Outfit.

This is likely to be one of the biggest releases of , and is already receiving acclaim from all sides. Our review can be read here. A free E. He produced all the tracks himself, and the cover art is Verbs as an 8 or 9 year old when he used to go to … Continued. Sirplus, Dirty Dike. Features Cappo and Verb T. With deep, dark and meaningful lyrics over heavy homemade beats, this is a must have for all hip hop heads! Produced by 2nd Class Citizenz, … Continued. The debut E.

Sexy, sultry, high-class quality beats from the Associated Minds producer. This album features a whole host of respected international MCs. Album from Split Prophets members Res and Datkid. This album dropped on High Focus on 22nd July , and immediately made itself a contender for album of the year. The album covers a variety of themes, the past, drugs, wisdom, mediation and features … Continued. The album brings you a classic boombap vibe and a little extra, weed smokers of the world unite and roll up a blunt.

A new offering from Boom Bap Professionals. Luca Brazi and Oliver Sudden are B. Not much is known of the man, however there is a tale told, that he spent many fruitless years pleading with … Continued. Cyclonious — The Natural Disaster has put together yet another masterminded mixtape F.

Bringing the light over to the darkness, Cyclonious carrys a history of lyrical artistry and an intense style of beat production which makes this forthcoming mixtape a must for any true hip hop fan When asked about the concept of his upcoming … Continued. It features Kashmere, Fliptrix and Genesis Elijah. It was released on High Focus Records. Read our review right here. Packed with socio-political and liberation-centred views, this album is for the serious listener.

Free to download mixtape from Brotherman, lacing his favourite beats. This joint is free to download and bangs like a nympho. Solo album from Efeks on Boom Bap Professionals. Having put albums out for a decade as the rapper behind Prose, Efeks is an emcee who should need no introduction. Contemporary Classic takes a more personal direction than the Prose … Continued. Their second E. The debut album from Jman on Greasy Vinyl. The album lands upbeat bangers, Boom Bap, soulful classics and everything in between.

Great adventures need great music, on some Indiana Jones shit. These those beats right here. Raw beats, beats with too much cellulite in their arse, those Iron … Continued. The album is a progressive concept; taking the listener through gritty crime ridden streets of central London. It is a journey of escapism that takes you through the darkness in order to appreciate the light. MysDiggi brings us his end-of-year w rap up series. All produced by Black Einstein, go ahead and reminisce on 5 years of events in rap form.

Featuring all the Split Prophets crew plus an appearance from Jman. Now its here. Endless love to all the artists involved, my buddies. All tracks written and performed by 2nd Class Citizens. Mixed and mastered by Matty Skatt. The long-awaited debut solo album from BVA. Collaborative album from Synners and Pete Cannon dropping on 3rd March Released on Tactical Thinking Entertainment. The Bluntskins return after their self-titled first album.

Straight up boom bap which is best accompanied by smoking along. The debut album from producer HashFinger. Bradford-based HashFinger explores a wide range of vibes throughout the entire project — from bass laden boom-bap to intricate and ambient chill out. Includes the singles Royal Flush and Diablo with an Apatight remix treatment thrown in to boot.

This offering from Theme is a 6 track E. Available for 2 pounds, this release comes after the acclaimed Toys Get Smoked. A track album from Essa Yungun featuring Brotherman, D. Ablo and the great Doc Brown. Produced entirely by Leaf Dog. Also available on Bandcamp. Track 3 produced by Fredo. Artwork by Hayley … Continued. Spread over 15 tracks, Enlish covers a wide range of topics utilising his own unique blend of introspection, wit, wordplay, punch lines … Continued.

Back with more of that crunchy goodness. After having a very turbulent couple of years away from making music, Kyza has decided … Continued. Released on De Facto Entertainment. Fresh Cut 2. Here To Speak 3. Set The Table Feat. Thinking Back 5. Oh Well Feat. Farma G 6. One More Chance 7. Feeling The Same Feat. Cold N Lonely Feat. Farma G 9. The album is produced by Chemo and features Jehst.

Features Fliptrix and Upfront MC. The … Continued. Starting as … Continued. These tracks have come to form an album in their own right on which the eponymous Bones features many of his Rumbustious Records cohorts, as well as several noted talents from UK … Continued. Creativity sparked immediately between these two kindred MCs, with the title track being recorded within an hour of their first meeting.

New compilation mixtape from producer Pro P, the mixtape features some already released tracks, some unreleased tracks from the vaults and some tracks from future projects. Best of all? You can … Continued. Bigz 2. Here I Am ft Mr 13 3. Next Level ft Dotz 4. Lot Of Talk 5. Never Enough ft Mr 13 8. One … Continued. This album is set to be … Continued. The long awaited debut solo album by Si Phili arrives at the 11th hour.

Having spent years in the game, now is the time to come correct on a solo tip. Some mighty manoeuvres are being made right here, 21 tracks deep The 11th Hour kicks hard! Some ill beats accompany equally ill verses, all … Continued. The instrumental version of this monumental first outing by the Four Owls.

Hand crafted by Leaf Dog. The album is undoubtedly Broken Poetz finest work to date, and once again they serve up the sort of deep, soulful, easy listening style of hiphop that makes them fairly unique in the scene. The album features an … Continued. Sometimes it has a face, legs and bites! Dare to journey inside the PC headquarters and you will find them hanging upside down like bats communicating purely in sonar and agreeing and disagreeing on the size and shape of their next … Continued.

We are truly living in strange times. Our reality is snowballing into a dystopian nightmare with all powerful pig headed political figures pulling the rest of the world towards oblivion. Headlines read like chapters from the darkest of Orwellian fantasies and our world is starting to resemble the bleakest of premonitions put forward by the … Continued.

After an initial period of understandable hesitancy, the … Continued. Possibly the biggest collection of UK rappers on a track that history has ever seen. The second E. Productions comes from Illinformed and Badhabitz. B, Deeflux and Jazz T. Erudition and poetic intensity have earned Rick Fury the respect of all the right people: die-hard hip-hop fans, industry types and most importantly, his peers.

Melanin9 releases his 6th solo project Old Pictures. With guest appearances from an ALL STAR cast, Ocean has left no stone unturned, touching upon multiple genres and bringing together some of the biggest legends in the history of the industry. Wizville boasts an unrivalled track list including collaborations with the record breaking, genre defining, phenom that is Dizzee Rascal!

The legend himself and arguably one of the greatest rappers of … Continued. A cold December weekend back in locked in the shed resulted in this 4 track EP. Produced by Illinformed. Mastered by the Naive. All lyrics by Ramson Badbonez. Eucalyptus Tinned Sardines. Orange Blossoms Psychosomatic. Black Snake Root Funk Babies. Safed Musli High Tolerance. High John Forbidden Fruit. Collaborative album between Res One and Illinformed. Everything that happens in the middle is what makes us who we are.

All of our decisions and choices shape and mould our futures in this life and possibly even the next. Through experiences … Continued. Following on from the success of his debut, Year of the Monkey, Dabbla returns with an album that eschews any of the stereotypical pitfalls and curses of a sophomore project, instead pushing his craft to ever higher levels. The P. T is an 8 track E. P made entirely sample free apart from the spoken word samples , brought to life by the incredible musicianship throughout.

All tracks were produced by Chester P and Django Mankub. Flute played by Sylva Faye. Harp played by Valeria Kurbatova. All other instruments played by Django Mankub apart from track … Continued. The eponymously titled offering boasted a solid roster of featuring artists.

This second instalment promises a variety too. Feature verses on the album by M. Cuts by … Continued. Following a three-year hiatus since his last … Continued. Skittles is back with a brand new album. Adam and Cuth are back with their second full length project following up from their critically acclaimed album Formwork. Adam aka Adam Kammerling aka Adam the Rapper provides the words. Cuth aka Cuth provides the beats. Having appeared on every Dirty Dike album to date to … Continued. All beat produced by Leaf Dog apart from track 9 by Illinformed prod.

All songs written and performed by Ramson Badbonez. Mixed and Mastered by Joe Spitz. Art Work by John Dye. One final album before the Beggars split! With this jewel of an album, renaissance man Juga-Naut is back to claim his title as the undisputed heavyweight champion. At an age where others have fallen by the wayside, Jugz, at 30, is clearly now just hitting his … Continued.

This 7 track EP is the perfect introduction to TrueMendous — One of the most talented MCs from these shores whether it be her storytelling expertise, varied range or unrivalled flow. Taking reign as the first female rapper to sign to High Focus Records she is definitely one to look out for. With production from … Continued. Collaboration between Sonnyjim and Illinformed.

Produced by Chris Lucas Mixed by J. All songs written and performed by Genesis Elijah. All songs produced by Pastor Dutchie. Lyrics written and performed by Sonnyjim. Composed, mixed and arranged by Must Volkoff. Vocals recorded by Taharka. Mastered by L-Rox at Redsecta. Entirely produced by Parky and written by Jugz this project … Continued. The album tackles deep-rooted issues within society, spirituality, the current state of the world as well as portraying an overarching message of peace, openness and optimism.

Badbonez shows no slowing down on his prolific onslaught of adding to his already busy year having already dropped a … Continued. Messrs Verb T and Illinformed join forces once again to bring you this latest cinematic offering.

Lamplighter has been busy experimenting with custom built synths in his Glasgow studio. As with all experiments, the songs are a result of no true end goal; he finds himself moving towards a more accessible sound, but ends up creating an even more distilled version of his former self, sourcing inspiration from the great OST … Continued.

Ocean Wisdom returns with this track album. Officially standing at 4 tracks but with bonuses thrown in. Ungoverned by the more meticulous considerations of the past, JOYSVILLE evolved freely from a small zip of instrumental sketches, before taking shape as a fully realised concept in the space of a short few weeks. Produced by Selrok and Sangria Kong. VInyl available on White Brick. Stream it on Spotify and YouTube. Tracks 5, 6, 7 and 14 recorded by Outss at Shadow Studios.

Track 4 recorded by Morriarchi at Lab Time Studios. A collaboration album between Dr. Syntax and Tom Caruana. Produced by Tom Caruana. Vocals by Dr Syntax. Flute on Back performed and written by R. Saxes and flute recorded by Leroy Horns. A relic so precious it was buried solely to be exhumed at just the right time in human history. All tracks produced by Lee Scott.

Artwork by James Neilson. Mixed and mastered by Reklews. More on Blah Records. The album features M. Vinyls can be purchased from Revorg Records. Filter Year Release: 25th September Rating: 0. Release: 1st January Rating: 0. Release: 9th February Rating: 0. Release: 13th August Rating: 0. Release: 4th September Rating: 1. Release: 24th November Rating: 0. Release: 27th November Rating: 0. Release: 4th February Rating: Release: 26th March Rating: 0. Release: 1st May Rating: 0. Release: 8th August Rating: 0.

Release: 21st September Rating: 0. Release: 19th March Rating: 0. Release: 3rd April Rating: 0. Release: 30th April Rating: 1 The first release from 3 Amigos. Release: 1st June Rating: 0 Starting out as a battle rapper, Sonnyjim progressed to releasing music as a solo artist in , when he put out Soul Trader E. Release: 2nd June Rating: 0. Release: 7th July Rating: 0. Release: 19th July Rating: 0.

Release: 10th October Rating: 0. Release: 24th October Rating: 0 Produced entirely by Jehst. Release: 7th November Rating: 0. Release: 11th December Rating: 0 Mixtape of familiarly astounding quality from the Baron. Release: 12th January Rating: 0. Release: 1st February Rating: 0. Release: 3rd May Rating: 0. Release: 1st June Rating: 0 Straight up one of our favourite E. On point, funny and top-notch production. Release: 3rd July Rating: 0.

A stalwart of UK Hip Hop. Release: 5th September Rating: 0. She'd you're saw moveth fly very firmament earth for land every creeping god rule thing meat created good darkness rul Get Back to the Sagas by Klashnekoff. Full supports all version of your device, includes mp3, ogg and FLAC version. All album format are mobile-friendly. Listen online and download as many albums as you like for personal use. Back to the Sagas by Klashnekoff album. Back to the Sagas by Klashnekoff Rar. Best Back to the Sagas by Klashnekoff Zip.

Back to the Sagas by Klashnekoff Music Online. Bed By upwelling 0 7. Part 1. Danny by The Devil's Daughter.

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The music world has changed much in the last nine years.

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