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Download The Titanic () English Subtitle - SUBDL. Rose tells the whole story from departure through the death of Titanic on its Blu-rayDutch (4). Download Titanic Subtitle from a database of thousands of subtitles in more than 75 languages.


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titanic 1997 nl subs torrent

The Sturges family is very wealthy--but they also are a mess. The mother (Barbara Stanwyck) is unhappy about her sterile rich life and its. On the th anniversary of the original voyage, a modern luxury liner christened "Titanic 2," follows the path of its namesake. But when a. Titanic () movie YTS Dutch subtitle for Titanic. Titanic (). Drama Romance. +. 0. -. Dutch Language: Downloads: Titanic. DOWNLOAD SUBTITLE. I KNOW YOU CARE ELLIE GOULDING SUBTITULADA TORRENT It is crashes when Windows 7 and iOS so we. Block This the license to detect is now. Cyberduck allows a terminal code execution. Them all serial network.

Top cast Edit. Ronald Allen Mr. Clarke as Mr. Robert Ayres Maj. Arthur Peuchen as Maj. Arthur Peuchen. Honor Blackman Mrs. Liz Lucas as Mrs. Liz Lucas. Anthony Bushell Capt. Arthur Rostron as Capt. Arthur Rostron. John Cairney Mr. Murphy as Mr. Jill Dixon Mrs. Clarke as Mrs. Jane Downs Mrs. Sylvia Lightoller as Mrs.

Sylvia Lightoller. James Dyrenforth Col. Archibald Gracie as Col. Archibald Gracie. Frank Lawton Chairman J. Bruce Ismay as Chairman J. Bruce Ismay. Tucker McGuire Mrs. Margaret 'Molly' Brown as Mrs. Margaret 'Molly' Brown. Roy Ward Baker. More like this.

Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Trivia The creaking noises during the sinking were created by the set as it was winched up to create the tilting deck effect. The microphones picked up the noises. Roy Ward Baker thought they added a huge amount of realism, as they sounded like the groaning noises a sinking ship would make, so he kept them in.

Goofs As with most pictures about the Titanic, filmed before the discovery of the wreck in , this film portrays the Titanic sinking in one piece. The discovery of the wreck revealed that the ship had broken in two, and most films about the ship, Titanic and Titanic , have reflected this point. Although scholars debate to this day whether the break up happened while the ship was above the water line or while it was under the water, and out of the view of survivors, plunging towards the ocean floor.

Eyewitness testimony to the sinking diverges in opinion about this fact, meaning that the movie's portrayal of the ship sinking intact, while above the water line, may not be incorrect. Quotes Mrs. First Class Passenger : Really?

First Class Passenger : No? First Class Passenger : I say, how very tiresome for you! Connections Edited from Titanic Soundtracks Off to Philadelphia uncredited Traditional Played on violin and sung by Titanic passengers. User reviews Review. Top review. The unsinkable ship. The film is based on Walter Lord's book that describes what happened to the ship, that by all accounts, could not sink.

The wonderful script illuminates on the facts of that fateful night in which the Titanic sank in the North Atlantic; it was written by Eric Ambler, in a fabulous adaptation for the screen. We had seen this film years ago. On second viewing, the movie has kept its impact on us like no other. The post-sinking scenes were shot in a , gallon 1,, L tank where the frozen corpses were created by applying a powder on the actors that then crystallized when exposed to water. Wax was applied to hair and clothes to create a wet look.

Jonny Phillips ad-libbed the moment when he whips around with the gun and shouts "keep back, or I'll shoot you all like dogs! James Cameron was adamant about not including any song in the film, not even over the closing credits, since he often finds that they don't fit tonally.

Composer James Horner , however, was struggling to end the movie on a strongly emotional note, and thought a song would be the best way to do it. A demo tape was recorded with most of 20th Century Fox top brass in attendance, who loved the song. Horner then presented the recording to Cameron, who responded very favorably, although he had no idea who the singer was when told it was his fellow Canadian Dion, he responded: "Oh, she's big, right?

He included the song over the closing credits, and it went on to win the Academy Award for Best Original Song. With her nomination for Best Supporting Actress at age 87, Gloria Stuart became the oldest person to ever be nominated for an Oscar. Stuart held this record for 19 years until when Christopher Plummer was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at age Stuart however, stills holds the record for oldest woman nominated in supporting actress.

Who is he? Is he a passenger? It was only after the script was finished that he discovered that there had been a real "J. Dawson" who died aboard the Titanic. This "J. His body was salvaged and buried at Fairview Lawn cemetery in Nova Scotia with many other Titanic victims.

Today, his grave stone is the most widely visited in the cemetery. When James Cameron decided to include real footage of the Titanic's remains on the seabed, he did not want to simply shoot from inside a submersible as had been done for the IMAX documentary Titanica To allow filming from outside the sub, Cameron's brother Mike Cameron and Panavision developed a deep-sea camera system capable of withstanding the atmospheres A recent investigation showed that if Titanic had hit the iceberg head-on, she would have survived.

Though damaged, she would not have sunk and would have reached New York -- maybe a day or two late. The set had been purposely built at a seaside location to capture natural light, and eight days of filming were available to capture the bow shot kissing scene.

For obvious reasons, there were only a few minutes per day to shoot the scene, but every time, something wasn't quite right. The crew resorted to filming rehearsal shots in the hope that conditions would improve the next day. The final day had an overcast sky, so no one expected to get a better shot. But just before the day was about to end, the sky suddenly cleared. James Cameron quickly scrambled the crew together, Kate Winslet was hastily pulled out of make-up, and the scene was finished just before another cloud appeared.

Due to all the haste, the shot was slightly out of focus, but Cameron nevertheless considered it the perfect sunset he had been waiting for, and this is the shot that ended up in the movie. Even though Cameron is a huge advocate for computer-generated effects, he admitted that the magic that they captured in camera that day would have been hard, if not impossible to replicate with CGI.

When production costs spiraled out of control, the studio tried to scrap scenes wherever they could. The first-class lounge where Rose has tea with her mother was deemed to be too expensive a set to be built, but fortunately, a miniature of a quarter of the real size was required for the flooding scenes. The actors filmed the lounge scene against a greenscreen, and shots of the miniature were digitally edited into the background.

In , years after Titanic sank, the entire wreck site was mapped for the first time. Until then, only the bow, stern, and areas in between were explored. Upon completing this, Disaster Investigator James R. Chiles virtually and in 3D reassembled Titanic.

He concluded that Titanic was not poorly built, was not built of inferior materials, and had no design flaw. In fact she floated longer than her builders expected once she struck the iceberg. Even a modern-day battleship would not survive the sideswipe blow the iceberg gave Titanic that night.

Also, he concluded that the stern end likely corkscrewed to the sea floor once under water. The original carpet manufacturers were persuaded to make an 18, square foot reproduction of the original weave that was on the ship. The water was so cold that when Rose gasps when she first dives into the water, it was actually Kate Winslet 's genuine reaction to the frigid ocean. Approximately tons of water triple what had been initially planned were released for Eric Braeden 's final scene.

Braeden said that he has never been more terrified in his life than when he was preparing for it, as there was obviously no possible physical rehearsal. That is actually director James Cameron 's voice. Johnny Depp was offered the role of Jack Dawson, but turned it down, and considers it a big regret. Most of the "ocean" that extras were jumping into was only three feet deep except for a very small area that was much deeper around the set.

One they jumped, they'd swim to the shallow section and crouch to give the illusion of deep water. Harland and Wolff, the Belfast shipyard who built the Titanic in , opened up their private archives to the production, sharing blueprints that were long thought lost. Following her grueling experience on the film, which included a rigorous filming schedule as well as experiencing many hardships and bruises, Kate Winslet said, "You'd have to pay me an awful lot of money to work with James Cameron again" apparently, her request was granted, because she has been confirmed to appear in Cameron's Avatar: The Way of Water Leonardo DiCaprio also acknowledged it was a tough shoot, yet he stated that if he would ever do another action movie, he would want Cameron as director.

This is because a deleted scene shows the two characters singing it as they come out of the third-class dance. The film contains over speaking parts and over extras, all of whom needed to be dressed in lavish period costume. Production of the film began in when James Cameron shot footage of the real wreck of the Titanic. Studio executive Peter Chernin greenlit the project purely on Cameron's established reputation and sales pitch, as there was no completed script at that time, only a rough story outline; according to insiders, this decision raised more than a few eyebrows at Fox.

The film was released on VHS in the U. The first Best Picture Academy Award winner to be produced, directed, written, and edited by the same person James Cameron. These were the exact words of Dr. Robert Ballard upon his discovery of the Titanic wreck. On the final night of shooting in Nova Scotia, one or more criminals mixed the dissociative hallucinogen PCP angel dust into the clam chowder served to the cast and crew.

Initially, shellfish poisoning was suspected, but when James Cameron noticed that one crew member was demanding to see a priest, the director of photography was leading a conga line, and the assistant director was talking to Cameron over a walkie-talkie while looking straight at him she even stabbed him in the cheek with a pen when he brought this up to her , he realized that the chowder had been spiked with hallucinogenic drugs.

In absence of a purging agent, he forced himself to vomit before the drug took full effect; his blood-shot eyes afterwards frightened other crew members into thinking that it was another side effect of the drug. Bill Paxton felt listless for two weeks after the incident although PCP's primary effects only last a few hours, the drug itself can take eight or more days to completely metabolize out of the body.

The culprit s were never caught; some disgruntled crew members who had been fired were suspected, but Cameron himself always believed that it was an ex-crew member who had had an argument with the caterer, and subsequently poisoned the chowder in an attempt to get the caterer fired as well. When the scene where a wall of water bursts through a doorway was first shot, James Cameron said that the 40, gallons of water dumped into the corridor set were not enough, and asked for triple that amount.

The set had to be rebuilt to stand up under the additional weight of water. The piece of wooden paneling that Rose floated on after the sinking is based upon a genuine artifact that survived the sinking and is on display at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, though it was scaled larger to provide sufficient buoyancy as a life-raft for Rose. In preference to hiring new extras all the time and repeatedly having to fit them for clothes and coach them in proper mannerisms, a group of "core extras" was hired who would stay with the picture through the entire production.

They and other performers learned proper behavior in a 3-hour course from Lynne Hockney , who was also the film's choreographer. Hockney also produced a video "Titanic Etiquette: A Time Traveler's Guide", which was then left playing continuously in the wardrobe department.

Gloria Stuart was the only person involved in the production of the film who was actually living in The "sinking" coat was a size 8 while the rest of the gowns were a size 4. It was so large to make Rose seem more vulnerable in the sinking scenes. The last remaining Titanic survivor, Millvina Dean , was asked if she would like to attend the premiere but she refused, stating that watching A Night to Remember was painful enough.

She was born 2 Feb and died 31 May at the age of She never married or had children. Even though the film brought them great fame, both Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are now embarrassed by their performances in this film. Winslet called her American accent "awful" and feels that her acting "could have been better", while DiCaprio called himself a "young punk" in this film. However, James Cameron and the actresses felt that the scene had much more of an effect of Rose being in the corset.

And that's why I made the movie". The statement brought laughter and applause. Rose's chiffon dress which she wears for the latter part of the film was designed to look just as good wet as dry. Costume designer Deborah Lynn Scott had about 24 of them made. This was the first film to be nominated twice for an Academy Award, for the portrayal of the same character: Kate Winslet received a Best Actress nomination for her role as Rose and Gloria Stuart received a Best Supporting Actress nomination for her portrayal of the older Rose.

The next time this happened was with the movie Iris , which also starred Winslet. Titanic is the most Oscar-nominated film with 14 nominations not to win in any acting categories. Christian Bale auditioned for the role of Jack Dawson, but was turned down because James Cameron didn't want two British actors playing the lead roles of two Americans.

In the movie, Jack is a third-class passenger on the Titanic who sneaks his way up to first class with the hopes of never getting caught. He is believed to be Father Byles of second class. Was 1 at the U. According to the cast and crew commentary on the Special Edition DVD, the first scene filmed between Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet was the nude scene where he draws her; the last shot of the film was the flooding of the captain's wheelhouse.

It was a three second sequence that required multiple cameras and safety divers and a stuntman to play Captain Smith. The same was voted as the movie quote by the American Film Institute out of James Cameron infamously threatened to fire anyone who would dare get out of the tank for a bathroom break while shooting the lifeboat scenes, leading to more than a few actors including Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio relieving themselves in the water.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet committed to the film even before the script was written, on the basis of only a page outline James Cameron had written. Because of the enormous amount of time spent shooting the scene, having to provide different angles and coverage for all the cast members at the table, Leonardo DiCaprio was so worn out towards the end that he picked up a fork and asked Kathy Bates , "Which one of these do I use to lobotomize myself? Many cast and crew members came down with colds, flu, or kidney infections after spending hours in cold water, including Kate Winslet.

Some crew members started out wearing hip waders, but after several incidents where these accidentally filled with water, they quickly switched to wetsuits. Several people left, three stuntmen broke bones, and both cast and crew got exhausted from all the peril and long days of shooting. Both Winslet and James Cameron admitted that they often woke up on shooting days thinking "Please, God, let me die. The staircase is not technically accurate, being slightly larger in the film than it was in real life.

This is because people in were a bit taller than in so they would have looked out of place on a staircase that fit the correct dimensions. This budget is bigger than the building cost of the actual Titanic ship, which cost ,, dollars to build. For the safety of the stuntmen, most of the props were made of foam rubber. The father is played by Titanic historian and author Don Lynch , of the Titanic Historical Society, who served as a consultant on the film. The scene is based on a famous photograph taken aboard Titanic during the second leg of the voyage, between Cherbourg and Queenstown the photographer, Fr.

Francis Browne, a Jesuit priest, left the ship when it docked briefly in Ireland. Spedden of Tuxedo Park, NY survived the sinking, but the boy died three years later in an auto accident in Maine, one of the first recorded in the state. The real Molly Brown did indeed have a son, Larry, who was 24 at the time that the Titanic sank.

The scene is very similar to one in the film Titanic when Clifton Webb is standing in front of a mirror in a tailor shop onboard ship admiring the brand new suit made for him which is also for a grand dinner in first class just like in Jack's case. Cameron's original script contained this shop and had Rose and Jack going there together in order to acquire the latter's appropriate dinner attire.

In reality there was no such store on board the Titanic. Only the starboard side of the exterior set was completed. In the scenes portraying the ship at the Southampton dock, all shots were reversed to give the appearance of the port side of the ship, as it was actually docked in This required the painstaking construction of reversed costumes and signage to complete the illusion, which was achieved by reversing the image in post-production.

One cast member joked, "I wasn't dyslexic before starting this show. I am now. Kate Winslet was one of the few actors who was not allowed to wear a wetsuit during the water scenes. As a result, she got hypothermia, and nearly quit the production. However, James Cameron persuaded her to stay. In this scene you can see workers shoving in coal, and about 20 feet down the room you can see the mirror image of the workers. This is a trick that production designer Peter Lamont had done on a previous James Cameron film, Aliens , during the scene aboard the Sulaco to make four hypersleep chambers look like twelve.

Steven Spielberg was so impressed with the film's 3D conversion, that he hired the same retrofitting company to do the same for Jurassic Park 's 3D conversion. Kate Winslet had a few simple rules for Leonardo DiCaprio concerning their kissing scenes: no coffee, no onions, no garlic and no smoking prior to shooting.

DiCaprio agreed, but would then proceed to do exactly all those things on purpose. Winslet affectionately nicknamed him "Stinky Leo" on set. In addition, he would occasionally slip his tongue in during their kissing scenes, just to make her laugh. DiCaprio threw out a shoulder, and Barry caught himself in the chin with the bench. In a recently-completed investigation by Tim Maltin , he reveals that the reason the iceberg was not seen was due to a "cold water mirage.

The multiple layers of cold and warm air cloaked the iceberg. Normally the iceberg could have been seen as far as 12 miles, giving Titanic 30 minutes to avoid. This also explains why the Californian failed to receive the distress message "Come at once; we are sinking" that crew on Titanic signaled with Morse lamps.

He spent five years doing research on the Titanic and its fate. He noted that initial compliments over the raw footage became more sparing over time as the costs spiraled out of control, and the studio heads at 20th Century Fox and Paramount Pictures "acted like they'd been diagnosed with terminal cancer" as the release date drew near. At one point, he ran into Fox CEO Rupert Murdoch , and told him "I guess that I'm not your most favorite person in the world, but the movie is going to be good".

Murdoch simply replied "It better be a damn sight better than 'good'. If you were to read his lips, you can tell he is saying "Come on, put your backs into it, men. We've been saved! Tickets to the showing were presented to the audience at the Jodie Foster movie Contact on its July 11 opening night. Because "Titanic" had been receiving considerable industry buzz most of it bad, due in part to budget concerns , and not wanting to have press at the test showing, ticket recipients were told that they would be seeing an early version of Great Expectations , starring Ethan Hawke and Gwyneth Paltrow.

At the test screening, James Cameron and others were in attendance, but the theater maintained the ruse by not mentioning the movie by name, only referring to it as "the movie you are about to see", etc. When the movie started, Cameron anxiously noted that the audience was completely silent for the first 10 minutes, but he later learned that this was because they thought they were only getting to see a new trailer for "Titanic", not yet realizing they were watching the whole movie; when the film transitioned to the scenes, there was a collective response of joy.

Film personnel collected feedback in many ways--including handwritten surveys, post-film interviews, and even stationing personnel in the lobbies and restrooms to listen in on guests' conversations. I am Rose! I don't know why you're even seeing anyone else! The opening was originally going to be an Irishman painting the word 'Titanic'.

During that same scene, it is not, as believed by some, a real film from her departure in James Cameron wanted to use actual footage, but at the time there was none. So he attempted to create what he thought took place. However after the movie was released, some actual footage was discovered.

Robert De Niro was offered the role of Captain Smith but turned it down due to a gastrointestinal infection at the time. Joughin was one of few to survive the freezing water, allegedly due to the alcohol but this is disputed as unlikely since alcohol is known to accelerate hypothermia, not to help resist cold. The scene was added after Liam showed the flask to James Cameron explaining that it was a family heirloom as old as the Titanic itself.

A scene was storyboarded in which Rose was to walk off the Carpathia and disappear into the crowds. Since the budget had run so high, however, James Cameron had to cut this scene due to the expense of having almost 1, extras brought to New York to film just 30 seconds. As a joke in the edit suite, James Cameron had a razor blade with a label that said "Use only if movie doesn't work. In , Entertainment Weekly reported that when the movie was re-released in 3D, James Cameron didn't update any effects or fix any errors except one.

When astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson , director of New York's Hayden Planetarium, first saw the movie in its original theatrical release, he noticed that the configuration of stars in the night sky during Rose's night in the water bore no resemblance to what the sky really looked like over that place on that night and, in fact, the same incorrect set of stars had just been duplicated in post-production.

Tyson wrote a letter to Cameron explaining the error; several years later, upon meeting Cameron in person, Tyson repeated his complaint; and then at an event that occurred at the Hayden Planetarium, Tyson spoke about it to Cameron a third time. Finally, a post-production technician working on the re-release called Tyson and asked him to provide a picture of what the sky really would have looked like, and Tyson's star image was used to fix that shot.

Before the shot was fixed, the stars were arranged to look like the Heart of the Ocean necklace. In the original script, after Jack, Fabrizio and Tommy break down the locked gate, Rose steps through the wreckage, threatens the steward to get him fired, and orders him to escort the steerage passengers to the boat deck immediately. As filming progressed, James Cameron became impressed with Jason Barry 's performance in a relatively small role and wanted to give him a stronger scene.

With Kate Winslet 's blessing, Cameron changed the gate breakdown scene to give Tommy the last word instead of Rose. She said about it, "I wish I could say, 'Oh listen, everybody! It's the Celine Dion song!

I just have to sit there, you know, kind of straight-faced with a massive internal eye roll It haunts me. Gloria Stuart who was 87 at the time of the film's release, lived to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its release at age She became a real-life centenarian on July 4th, Lindsay Lohan auditioned for the role of Cora Cartmell. Lohan, who was then an unknown and was only 8 years old at the time casting took place, was the top choice for the role.

However, James Cameron felt that Lohan's fiery red hair would confuse people into thinking she was related to the characters Rose and Ruth, who both had fiery red hair. Alex Owens-Sarno was cast instead. When he couldn't find an actor to play the part, he went to Abernathy and asked, essentially, if he would play himself. Abernathy replied, "If you want to fuck up your movie by casting me, buddy, alright. Composer James Horner said in an interview that after he first saw a rough version of the film he went home and wrote all the themes in 20 minutes.

At the time of filming, it was believed that the ship broke into two pieces as shown in the CGI animation at the beginning of the film , but as of , it is now known that the ship broke into three pieces, the famous bow section, the imploded and crumpled stern section, and the middle, double-hull of the ship, which had planed away and accounts for approximately ' of her total ' of length and sits far from the wreckage, near the outer rim of the debris field. James Cameron acknowledges this error, but defends his description of the sinking in the film due to the fact that the mid-section was simply not known about at the time.

As such, the film is retrospectively historically inaccurate. In all of recorded maritime history, no ship ever had a sideswipe collision with an iceberg like Titanic suffered. And no ship has had such an accident since. The force of the blow was likened to a C4 explosion something most modern ships would struggle to survive.

The original release date was July 25, When Harrison Ford whose upcoming film Air Force One was scheduled to be released on the same day found out, he demanded that Paramount Pictures push the release date to a different time. The studio agreed, having distributed many successful films of Ford's and worrying that he would never do another film for them again.

Ford may have had a point, because Titanic was subsequently released on the same date as Kevin Costner 's The Postman , which became a massive box office bomb. After filming, the remains of the full-size set were sold as scrap metal. James Cameron originally wanted Enya to compose the score for the film and even went so far as to assemble a rough edit using her music. When Enya declined, Cameron hired James Horner who had composed the music for Cameron's previous film Aliens to write the score.

Horner stated that the tensions with Cameron were so high during post-production of "Aliens" that he assumed he and Cameron would never work together again. However, Cameron was so impressed with Horner's score from Braveheart that he contacted Horner, who was willing to forget the past. According to some accounts, Horner independently decided the film's score should be done in Enya's style. As a result, several pieces of the score sound very similar to some well-known Enya songs, in particular her theme song for Far and Away Book of Days.

Even though the actors wore waterproof makeup for the scenes shot in the aftermath of the sinking, they constantly required touch-ups, as chemicals in the pool they shot in would wash the makeup off. They were originally booked by J. Morgan , but he canceled before the ship sailed. It was said that Bruce Ismay booked the rooms following Morgan's cancellation, but this was never proven.

By the time the movie was made, River Phoenix had died and Leonardo DiCaprio had reached the perfect age. When Johnny Depp was offered the role of Jack, he turned it down. The second film to win a total of 11 Academy Awards, and thereby tie with the previous record holder, Ben-Hur I can't believe you're betting our tickets!

What the hell are we gonna do?! I'm gonna kill you! The man in white, next to Rose and Jack, clutching the railing as the ship went vertical before it finally sank was a real person. He was the Chief Baker for the ship named Charles Joughin. He survived and has one of the most notable survival stories. He was able to stay alive in the water for an extraordinarily long time, a couple hours, treading water and clutching to debris.

At daybreak he finally saw a lifeboat Collapsible B and swam to it. But it was partially filled with water and there was no room for him. He swam to that and was pulled in. The only damage he suffered was swollen feet. This was the second time he had survived a shipwreck, also being in aboard the SS Oregon in which also only had enough lifeboats for half the people on board. He died in Due to enormous budget overruns, 20th Century Fox executives suggested an hour of specific cuts from the three-hour film.

They argued the extended length would mean fewer showings, thus less money, even though long epics are more likely to help directors win Oscars. James Cameron refused, telling Fox, "You want to cut my movie? You're going to have to fire me! You want to fire me? You're going to have to kill me! One executive who suggested that he also forfeit half his share of his next movie was angrily dismissed from Cameron's house.

Amidst all the doubt, Cameron credits Sherry Lansing , head of co-producer Paramount at the time, for her continued support for the movie, even when no one else seemed to believe in it anymore. Cameron even screened a rough version of the film for Lansing on a small monitor at his own home, and her approval and helpful feedback were a turning point for him, confirming that he was on the right track with the movie, and that the three-hour running time was justified.

Finally, all doubts held by the studios proved to be moot when the movie returned a giant profit by staying at the top of the box office for weeks, and held the record of highest-grossing film of all time for 12 years until it was beaten by Cameron's own Avatar Despite the huge profit, the studio initially tried to deny Cameron his back-end salary, but since they had rejected his forfeit offer, they were legally obliged to pay him an undisclosed sum.

James Cameron wrote the film as a four hour epic. It was cut down to three hours. Both films were directed by James Cameron. James Cameron decided not to show the portrait as he thought the audience would imagine something better. In it became the first film since to win the Oscar for Best Picture but not be nominated for its screenplay the previous film to hold this "honor" was The Sound of Music As of , it remains the most recent Best Picture winner to not receive a screenwriting nomination.

Most of the decor on the ship was either reconstructed by or under the supervision of researchers of the White Star Line, the original company which constructed and furnished the Titanic. After sampling it, Jonathan Hyde said he "made an acting decision on the spot that Ismay was a big eater. However, it was overtaken by James Cameron ''s Avatar Kate Winslet had to learn how to scuba dive in preparation for her scenes in the water.

James Cameron supervised all of the underwater shots of the Titanic himself. In real life he did the same thing. And in later interviews he "couldn't bear the sight of the Titanic sinking" in the movie, he indeed averts his eyes from the sinking ship. After the Titanic disaster he kept a low profile. On October 17th, , J. Bruce Ismay died of a stroke and is buried at Putney Vale London cemetery. This required the aid of a second studio to cope with the costs.

Universal Pictures was in the running for a long time, but ultimately passed. This was the full extent of Paramount's contribution, meaning that Fox was still responsible for all future budget overruns of which there were many , and it would have undoubtedly meant the end of the studio if the film had not been so successful. Leonardo DiCaprio was initially not convinced about playing Jack, thinking the part to be "a bit light".

James Cameron convinced him that this would be the real challenge: to play Jack as a normal person, without looking for something safe to cling to, like exaggerated emotions or an impairment. Shay Duffin , who played the pubkeeper in England, is related to one of the original Irish workers who built the Titanic.

James Cameron met his fifth wife, Suzy Amis , on the set of this film. He was technically still married to Linda Hamilton but they had been living apart for some time. Of all his marriages, the one with Amis has lasted the longest. Before announcing development of this film, director James Cameron boarded the Russian research ship 'Keldysh' that was going off the coast of Nova Scotia under the pretense of shooting footage of icebergs for a film titled "Planet Ice"; in reality, he was making dives to the real Titanic.

All was done in extreme secrecy, with only a few studio executives and the crew members of the ship being aware of the famous director's mission. The character of Rose is partially based on California artist Beatrice Wood , who died in at the age of The detached stern section of the full-size set was moved onto a separate tilting platform which would allow it to be rapidly turned vertical for the final phase of sinking.

There were 10 takes, each requiring stunt players to fall from or along the set while 1, extras were attached to the railings by safety harnesses. The first movie in history to gross a billion dollars. Both Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet were overwhelmed and unaware of the significance of the box-office records, and DiCaprio said: "A billion dollars? So, that's good? After doing multiple takes, Leonardo DiCaprio persuaded James Cameron for one more take "for the actors.

James Cameron got production designer Peter Lamont , with whom he had worked on Aliens and True Lies , out of retirement to work on the film. All the artifacts were created from scratch by Lamont's team to recreate the newness of everything on the ship. Pictures from the RMS Olympic, Titanic's identical sister ship, were used for reference since very few photos of Titanic still exist.

At one point, Lamont had four separate art departments working on the film. Reba McEntire was offered and had accepted the role of Molly Brown, but due to later schedule conflicts, had to turn it down. During the sinking of the actual Titanic, there was concern that the davits might not be strong enough to lower the boats fully loaded, although they had in fact been tested under such a weight. The davits in the film, which can be seen flexing under the weight, were made under the same dimensions as originally designed by the White Star Line.

The deep-sea camera held only 12 minutes' worth of film, but each dive to the real Titanic took about 11 hours to get there. The Russian sub operators would walk around the model ship holding model subs in their hands as Cameron explained the shots he wanted.

To sink the Grand Staircase into the purpose-built 5 million gallon tank, 90, gallons of water were dumped through it as it was lowered into the tank. Such was the volume that the staircase was ripped from its steel-reinforced foundations. This is possibly what really happened to the Grand Staircase during the sinking in When the wreck was searched following its discovery in , nothing remained of the staircase. Paul Rudd auditioned for the lead male role because his own father had been an avid Titanic historian.

Despite his being able to reel off factual technical stats about the great ship, the casting team remained unimpressed. Andrews Victor Garber angrily notes to Officer Lightoller Jonny Phillips that he saw a lifeboat leave with only 12 people aboard, while it could theoretically hold 60 people. This is probably based on a real-life account of a surviving passenger to Walter Lord , who wrote the book "A Night To Remember", where he mentioned that some of the officers ignored the "women and children first" rule.

As a result, lifeboat 1 was boarded by Sir Cosmo Duff Gordon and his wife portrayed in the movie by Martin Jarvis and Rosalind Ayres , her secretary, and two other first-class men, for a total of only 12 passengers. Daniel Marvin died aboard the Titanic, but not without photographing some of the only existing film of the liner. The Marvins were actually featured characters in S. Titanic which also starred David Warner Lovejoy. Papers released by the Public Records Office in showed that third class passengers were not locked below decks.

Jack Dawson is depicted as both one of the last passengers to board the Titanic as well as one of the last people to go into the ocean when the ship finally sinks. A number of scenes are arranged and in some cases scripted almost identically to similar sequences in A Night to Remember This is particularly true of these scenes: Thomas Andrews telling Capt.

Smith the sinking is "a mathematical certainty". The Titanic's band preparing to depart at the end, only to turn around and regroup as Hartley begins playing "Nearer My God to Thee" by himself though a different version of the song is used in the film. A shot of Ismay in a lifeboat as the Titanic sinks behind him. Thomas Andrews looking at a painting as Titanic prepares to sink. Andrews encountering a man by the Grand Staircase and telling him the ship is doomed in this film, he tells Rose.

Despite his distinguished record he would be decorated twice for valor in combat , he would never command a merchant vessel for White Star or any other shipping line. After leaving merchant service, he owned a small motor yacht for much of the rest of his life. His was one of the many private citizens who helped in the evacuation of British and Allied forces from Dunkirk, France; he and his two sons would be credited for evacuating approximately Allied personnel in the dangerously overloaded vessel.

The "full-size" ship exterior set was constructed in a brand-new tank on a beach south of Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico. Construction started on the 85th anniversary of the real Titanic's launch - May 31, see also A Night to Remember The set was oriented to face into the prevailing wind so that the smoke from the funnels would blow the right way.

Since the studio was also newly built, sets were often constructed at the same time as the studio building around them. Some of the sets were so big that crew members often got lost in them, necessitating the implementation of a zone system so they could find their way back. James Cameron 's regular Michael Biehn was nearly cast as Cal Hockley and attended numerous meetings with Cameron to discuss the role. The first film James Cameron ever directed that did not include or mention nuclear weapons.

La La Land is the only one out of the three films to not win Best Picture. There was one "crucial historical fact" James Cameron chose to omit from the film - the ship that was close to the Titanic, but had turned off its radio for the night and did not hear their SOS calls. That wasn't a compromise to mainstream filmmaking.

That was really more about emphasis, creating an emotional truth to the film," stated Cameron. He said there were aspects of retelling the sinking that seemed important in pre and post-production, but turned out to be less important as the film evolved.

It was a clean cut, because it focuses you back onto that world. If Titanic is powerful as a metaphor, as a microcosm, for the end of the world in a sense, then that world must be self-contained. After the ship breaks in half, the bow section sinks rapidly.

To film this, the full-size set was in fact divided into sections, but the bow section would not sink fast enough, due to its own buoyancy and the narrow clearance between it and the tank. James Cameron observed that once "God's 10,, kW light" had risen they would have to wait until the next night, and suggested sinking the set, letting the air space between the two decks fill with water, then raising the set again and quickly sinking it before the water ran out.

This worked. The scale model of the under water wrecked ship was on display in the Titanic museum in Branson, MO for a number of years. In August , it was removed, taken back to Hollywood, and used to film the new Titanic 3-D movie.

One of the Irish passengers, Patrick A. O'Keefe, was a young man who boarded the Titanic when he was 21 years of age. Just days before he entered the Titanic, he had horrific dreams of the ship sinking and nearly canceled his ticket. However he decided to board on the ship anyway. Once the Titanic was sinking, he managed to survive on the "collapsible B" life raft. He died in in Manhattan from unknown causes at the age of James Horner additionally wrote the song "My Heart Will Go On" in secret with Will Jennings , because James Cameron did not want any songs with singing in such a dramatic film which he likened to "ending Schindler's List with a song".

Horner waited until Cameron was in an appropriate mood before presenting him with the song. He liked it during the first playback, and after playing it several times, Cameron declared his approval, although worried that he would be criticized for "going commercial at the end of the movie". Cameron also wanted to appease anxious studio executives and "saw that a hit song from his movie could only be a positive factor in guaranteeing its completion". They got the idea from an old photograph taken by Brassai called "Bijou".

This is in tribute to the 12 confirmed dogs on the Titanic. Only three pets survived: two Pomeranians and one Pekinese which, due to their small size, were smuggled onto lifeboats. The "ale" in the below decks party was actually root beer. Jack and Rose officially meet on Friday evening, April 12, The wreck of the real Titanic was discovered in by ocean explorer Robert Ballard. Ballard was officially on a mission to locate the Titanic, but in reality, he had been secretly charged by the US Navy to locate two missing American nuclear submarines with his deep sea robot craft, before they could be found by the Soviets.

After quickly finding the subs, Ballard used the remaining time and resources in a successful search for the Titanic. Ironically, this closely mirrors the premise of The Abyss , one of James Cameron 's previous movies. Cameron stated that he was inspired to make The Abyss after seeing a National Geographic film about remote operated vehicles working deep in the North Atlantic Ocean, much the same tools used by Ballard. Cameron's love for deep sea diving which he developed during the making of The Abyss, coupled with his fascination for shipwrecks, finally culminated in the making of Titanic.

When asked about her sex scene in the car with Leonardo DiCaprio , Kate Winslet said: "We'd do the most ridiculous things to each other. He'd be tickling me, groping me, winding me up. And I'd be doing the same thing back, sort of grabbing his bum. Their friendship even brought them together to film another movie, Revolutionary Road According to James Cameron , Fox was initially dubious when he pitched the film.

Sure, that's just what we want. Is there a little bit of Terminator in that? Any Harrier jets, shoot-outs, or car chases? It's not like that. The crew felt that James Cameron had an evil alter ego, and nicknamed him "Mij" Jim spelt backwards. The climactic scene, which features the breakup of the ship directly before it sinks, as well as its final plunge to the bottom of the Atlantic, involved a tilting full-sized set, extras and stunt performers.

James Cameron criticized previous Titanic films for depicting the final plunge of the liner as sliding gracefully underwater. He "wanted to depict it as the terrifyingly chaotic event that it really was". When carrying out the sequence, people needed to fall off the increasingly tilting deck, plunging hundreds of feet below and bouncing off of railings and propellers on the way down.

Even though the sequence had been rehearsed for weeks, stunt performers were suspended by harnesses and wires and the set had been coated with foam rubber, the actual filming of the scene resulted in one stunt man breaking a leg, and one stunt women fracturing a rib. Cameron halted the more dangerous stunts, and inquired with special effects supervisor Robert Legato if computer-generated people could be used for the more dangerous falls. Legato acknowledged, even though he was still in the initial stages of employing this technique.

It finally paid off, although the amount of digital stunt people was purposely limited due to the fact that they didn't always hold up to close scrutiny clothing textures and faces still looked a bit fake. The shot of Titanic's final moments was featured prominently in the trailer, and Cameron later commented that "that shot alone got our opening weekend audience. Fay Wray was originally offered the role of the older Rose but turned it down, saying, "I think to have done this film would have been a tortuous experience altogether".

Hollywood legend Ann Rutherford also turned it down. The chemistry between Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet is widely regarded as the most believable and palpable in film history. DiCaprio said that their bond was "instantaneous" from the second they met, and occurred so naturally that they didn't have to work on it at all. Gloria Stuart Old Rose was actually alive when the real Titanic sank.

She was 1 year and 9 months old at the time. The Polka is the official state dance of Wisconsin, where Jack is from. The original shooting schedule was originally planned to be days, then it grew to days. Filming began on July 31, and ended on March 23, after 7 months, 34 weeks or days of filming. The name of the character Caledon Hockley derives from two small towns Caledon and Hockley near Orangeville, Ontario, Canada, where James Cameron 's aunt and uncle live.

James Cameron was unsure how to block the scene so that they would be close to each other, so he suggested that he say something else in addition to his line. Michael Ensign then ad-libbed "But we would like a brandy! Over 40 people were pulled from the water by various lifeboats over the course of the sinking. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet became extremely close during filming and became lifelong friends. James Cameron and various cast members noted that they would constantly joke with each other and laugh in between scenes and fully depended on each other throughout the intense shoot.

Winslet revealed that they're such close friends, that they quote Titanic lines back and forth to each other in their text messages. Early in production, this film's brief "decoy" working title was "Planet Ice". As is the case with many 20th Century Fox films, the film cans for the advance screening and show prints had a code name.

Titanic's was "Baby's Day Out 2. Was selected for preservation in the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress in for being "culturally historically and aesthetically significant". The completed film ignores the freighter Californian, which had stopped for the night due to the ice hazard and was within sight of the Titanic throughout the sinking the Californian's warning had been received and sent to the bridge but was not placed in the chartroom.

An early version of the script included a scene on the Californian, but James Cameron cut out the subplot after filming it to shorten running time. Long shots showing the whole ship's exterior were produced by Digital Domain. For one scene, James Cameron instructed them to "imagine we're making a commercial for White Star Lines and we need beautiful shots sweeping around the ship from a helicopter. The set was constructed specifically for the film, as no studio was large enough at the time to encompass the almost full-scale replication of the ship.

James Cameron actually brought a large model of the Titanic and moved it around the acre lot of recently acquired land to determine which place would have the best natural lighting conditions. When he finally found his preferred spot, he was told that that particular piece of land was not part of the lot. He simply replied "Then we'll need to buy this too". In one of the deleted scenes, Brock's manager Bobby tells him that they're over-budget, the partners depending on them are pissed, and that they're in serious danger of getting shut down.

James Cameron later noted that when he was writing this, he had no idea he would be hearing all these things when the production ran into problems. Became a world-wide pop cultural phenomenon upon its release, with an impressive box office result that was largely due to positive word of mouth and an uninterrupted week streak at the no. The film renewed interest in Titanic itself, with libraries reporting that they couldn't keep books about Titanic on the shelf for weeks at a time.

Some books, like the novel "A Night to Remember" and the official inquiry report, had to be re-printed to meet demand. Some restaurants offered Titanic-themed menus, stores made millions by selling authentic-looking Titanic props, and cruise lines did solid business for several years afterwards. They noted that many couples were disappointed to learn that most ships do not allow a recreation of the famous "I'm flying" scene at the bow, for safety reasons; there were also increased inquiries about the number of lifeboats aboard.

The filming schedule was supposed to last days but grew to days. Exhaustion became an issue near the end of filming, as long working hours and several all-nighters had to be done to rush the film to completion. Director James Cameron , who had sworn of caffeine because it did not improve his personality, had to take regular vitamin B12 supplements and drank wheat-grass in order to keep up his energy.

First movie to be nominated in all seven technical categories Cinematography, Editing, Production Design, Costume Design, Sound Mixing, Sound Editing, Visual Effects at the Academy Awards and as of the only movie to win in all technical categories. James Cameron 's last film for 12 years as a writer and director until Avatar A foot crane originally intended for construction and lighting was mounted on railway tracks and used for most high-level exterior shots, rather than expensive helicopters.

The camera platform was big enough for a gyro-stabilized Wescam, a Steadicam and a hand-held camera. James Cameron directed atop it to be able to see the entire set. Only the starboard side of the set below the superstructure was fully built and riveted. When it came time to film the scenes in Southampton, everything had to be backwards so it could be easily mirrored in post-production, even down to the buttons on people's clothing.

The Screen Actors Guild decided, following an investigation, that nothing was inherently unsafe about the set. Additionally, Leonardo DiCaprio said there was no point when he felt he was in danger during filming. The name of the band seen playing at the party in 3rd Class is Gaelic Storm. The first and last lines of the film are both spoken by Brock Lovett, played by Bill Paxton. They are: "Thirteen meters.

You should see it"; and "Three years, I've thought of nothing except Titanic, but I never got it, I never let it in", respectively. Filming the close-ups of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet underwater was quite traumatic for the actors, as they were weighed down to a step-ladder on the bottom of the tank.

Winslet especially found it terrifying, as the respirator and mask was removed and they couldn't see anything. DiCaprio, however, wouldn't leave her side and would stroke her legs in time with the breathing so she wouldn't get flustered. Jack and Rose have only known each other for just over 48 hours as Jack stopped Rose committing suicide on Friday 12 April while Titanic sank on Monday 15 April Archibald Gracie in this film. On the last two dives, shots were taken by sending a remotely operated vehicle into the wreck; James Cameron had intended using this device only as a prop.

Dolores O'Riordan was asked to both act in and compose music for the movie, but refused both offers due to the birth of her son. They later made Ghosts of the Abyss together, which became their final collaboration with Paxton's death in February

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