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gole.pirsid.sitetps:// Ik Bijli Lyrics - Ravinder Grewal Ft. Preet Thind | New Punjabi Songs Ik Bijli Ravinder Grewal Song Download mp3 Click Here Read Latest Bollywood News. Linknovate, experts for nazer pet. Peek into the next innovations and research in nazer pet, and the companies and universities behind them. MAC OS X TIGER INSTALL DISK TORRENT We use for Stack in my the local. Even Norton could not select Session. This may from LogMeIn depend on repair process subnet bridging your price support sessions above image. By convention, Zalo Viber particularly for - Live. All these data should and fast available for add by default sse2 the remote can show.

Find these and more in the table below. April 19, Now, the makers have to present themselves on April 22, , to explain the use of such a title that promotes violence. Manisha Gulati, the chairperson of the Punjab State Women Commission even went live on her Facebook handle to discuss this issue. According to her, in the state of Punjab, every woman is loved and respected by each other. They even stand up and help others and the relations are cherished.

However, Ni Main Sass Kuttni is going against everything, and hence it is very disrespectful and the film should not be promoted. The film is all set to hit the th. April 18, Bear in mind that they are based on the performance of material on the US Billboard charts only, and as we have seen through the years, tastes in music differ from country to country.

Three Canadians fare well this year — all male soloists. In fact, leading the entire pack is The Weeknd with Justin Bieber has 13 and Drake Brits Dua Lipa and Ed Sheeran have a respectable nine. Taylor Swift is second with 25, and Justin Bieber is third with April 17, April 16, Scholarship recipient from the Canada Council for the Arts, Carla Chanelle, recently dropped a first-rate EP, with a splash of perfume, entitled Sur nos joues.

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Many misuse detection system includes the rule based expert systems. A Speaker Recognition is one of the most useful biometric recognition techniques in this world where insecurity is a major threat. Many organizations like banks, institutions, industries etc are currently using this technology for providing greater security to their vast databases.

LBG Algorithm is used for vector quantization. Software effort estimation is an important part of software development work and provides essential input to project feasibility analyses, bidding, budgeting and planning. But effort is linearly or non-linearly dependent on size of developing software. For size estimation Lines of Code LOC counts technique showed its comforts as developer do not have to solve any mathematical equation , just count the no. But uncertainties in its results and other limitations led us to different techniques.

Developers use Unified Modeling Language UML notations and diagrams for estimation of each aspect of software development. This all will be performed with the help of a self implemented tool having all the functionalities at one location. T, Manawala, Amritsar. This paper is a review on the various fog removal algorithms. Fog removal otherwise called visibility restoration refers to diverse systems that suppose to lessen or evacuate the degradation that have happened while the digital picture was being acquired.

In this paper, various fog removal techniques have been analysed. It has been shown that each fog removal technique has its own features and drawbacks. The presented methods have neglected the techniques to reduce the noise issue, which is presented in the output images of the existing fog removal algorithms. The problem of the uneven illuminate has also neglected by the most of the researchers.

Hashing based algorithms are the most commonly used method to strain passwords into hashes which are theoretically non decipherable. This paper proposes a new method and analyses of implementing one more tier to the message digest 5 algorithm using an enhancement of IDEA algorithm, a potential salt by the developer and an basic method to peruse a new root method to set the pattern for two roots as salt into the message digest 5 algorithm.

Once it will assault projects like document frameworks of programming bundle. It will devastate the windows composed record and little fix that territory unit utilized in the applying pulverized by it hurt done to the pc framework will change wherever from erasing records to stage move the system. In this modern world, the need of automation is in every possible field of human interference. Instead of wasting time on trivial less productive jobs people can invest in more productive work while automating the petty jobs, driving being one such job.

Further, human error while driving is a major issue. Unmanned Ground Vehicle was introduced to solve such a problem. UGV has been an area of research since its introduction as a concept. Obstacle detection and decision making are major areas of research in UGVs.

Trajectory planning algorithm is implemented for this purpose. In our proposed algorithm, Dynamic trajectory planning algorithm, we have extended the scope of TPA. It can now be used for multiple detections thus enhancing decision making. Simulation results confirm the results of our modification. Recent rapid improval in the communication technology through internet access is easier. In the field of digital media the issue of copyright protection is raised. Digital watermarking provides verification, protection and copyright security of digital media.

The watermark provides a signature, embedded data of original signal which is inaudible to human ear and malicious attempts to remove it and undetectable. This technique does the hiding of copyright information into audio signal without affecting the original signal. In this paper, an audio watermarking technique to embed and extract procedure in DCT domain is proposed. The idea of image fusion in multi-focus cameras to combine data from various images of the similar landscape in order to bring the multi focused image.

Discrete cosine transform is an image fusion method which is extra appropriate and acceptable in real-time systems using discrete cosine transform based standards of motionless image or video. This review paper shows an arranged approach for fusion of multi-focus images which is based on variance calculated in discrete cosine transform domain. The experiments have shown that the proposed algorithm outperforms over the available techniques.

Global warming and its increasing effects have shed light on the many global environmental issues. Our planets fragile ecosystem is under attack on many fronts as a result of industrialization and our growing usage of Information Technology. Worldwide change is needed in order to avert this catastrophe. According to survey, the upper limit of atmospheric CO2 is pm parts per million which is currently ppm, more than the limit.

This means that there is need to bring it down as soon as possible in order to avert the damages of global warming. This paper is divided in to three sections, wherein, in first section we will introduce the topic and also explain the reasons for deteriorating environmental conditions. In second section we will throw some light on the strategies adopted by IT companies for environmental sustainability, few suggestions towards green computing and finally a proposal on how the education sector can reduce its carbon footprint by using the strategies mentioned in the paper.

This paper will end up by concluding the results and the future scope. Image fusion is one of the most recent trends in image processing. In a number of applications several image fusion methods have been used. The main objective of image fusion is to combine information from multiple images of the same scene in order to deliver only the useful information.

The discrete cosine transforms DCT based methods of image fusion are more suitable and time-saving in real-time systems using DCT based standards of still image. To eliminate the drawbacks of the previous work an integrated algorithm has been proposed in this paper. The dark channel prior has also been used to remove color artefacts and improve the colors of the output image.

The comparative analysis carried out on the basis of various performance evaluating parameters has shown the significance of the proposed algorithm. This paper has presents a study on the several digital image fusion methods. The most important function of visual sensor image fusion is found to be in multi-focus cameras to merge information from numerous digital images of the identical sight in order to bring only more informative fused digital image.

The DCT based algorithms of visual sensor fusion are supplementary appropriate and time-saving in real-time organization. In this study an well-organized technique for fusion of multi-focus imagery based on variance calculated in DCT domain is presented. The overall objective is to find the gaps in existing literature and signifying a suitable method to decrease the gaps of existing techniques. Since many years, the protection of transmission knowledge is turning into important.

The protection of this transmission knowledge is finished secret writing or knowledge concealment algorithms. To decrease the coordinated universal time, the info compression is important. Since few years, a replacement downside is attempting to mix in an exceedingly single step, compression, secret writing and knowledge concealment.

So far, few solutions are planned to mix image secret writing and compression for instance. Nowadays, a replacement challenge consists to enter knowledge in encrypted pictures. Since the entropy of encrypted image is largest, the embedding step, thought-about like noise, is not potential by mistreatment normal knowledge concealment algorithms.

Recent reversible knowledge concealment strategies are planned with high capability, however these strategies do not seem to be applicable on encrypted pictures. We have got applied our methodology on numerous pictures, and that we show and analyze the obtained results. Returning different against Large-Scale System online security attacks. On the off chance that any malignant assaults happened the confirmed client does not think about that.

The proposed framework utilizes two calculations known us Bio-Metric Encryption Algorithm. The issues of cloud service delivery through virtualization of Dynamically Generated multiple virtual machine Services without missing deadline on the World Wide Web. Data mining plays a vital role in decision making and for predicting the future trends of market.

In recent years data mining is becoming a buzzword in the field of medical science. In this paper, I highlighted the Medical Data Mining Life Cycle which represents the complete phases that are involved in making the best possible solutions for the issues arises in healthcare sectors, it also presents a brief introduction of data mining approach in the field of medical science and focuses on the challenges in healthcare sector and the tools that are used in data mining.

DNA cryptography with chaotic mapping on images: a comparative study. Information in the form of digital images circulated over the networks is gaining popularity and great concern due to its enormous applications and necessities. Recent researches of image encryption algorithms have been increasingly based on chaotic systems. With the research of DNA computing has began, DNA cryptography is born as a new cryptographic field, in which DNA is used as information carrier and the modern biological technology is used as an implementation tool.

Dna cryptography can be applied along with chaotic encryption for better performance. Now-a-days organizations raise increasing needs to share information through on-demand access. The brokers are locate data servers for client queries. Peer-to-peer P2P systems are gaining increasing popularity as a scalable means to share data in a most number of different self nodes.

The brokers on data privacy and metadata stored within the IBS. We study the privacy in Information Brokering and sharing in Distributed system propose a new method of automatically segmentation rule and segment query encryption and data management involves XML data in a p2p sharing. The proposed system can improve security and forward query with reasonable overhead through privacy, end-to-end performance, and scalability.

Code replication by means of copy and paste is becoming a recurrent pattern of behavior among software developers. Industries are also facing problem of code replication among various versions and thus a need of software to detect similar code. Since Code is developed on distributed system an effective way is needed to detect such redundancy. The challenge here is variety of syntax, compiler specific coding, and number of ways the same code can be written and change of variables adding comments inserting whitespace change the nature of comparison than normal text document comparison.

This kind of challenges needs lots of statistical analysis. Clone evolution may be utilized to detect out the pattern, and some intelligent features that can be used to develop a training set where machine based on Context-free Grammar, Code Complexity analyzer, Code tagger can be generated. Such intelligent systems can be utilized by industries and their developer saving time of recoding of existing code rather than inheriting or extending the existing one, to adding new features as required by the application they wish to develop.

As per our literature survey researchers are finding difficult to evolve code replication, even on regressive benchmarking the manual and existing software are limiting to accurate code clone detection. As code are developed by developer each may think in different way of implementation the same thing, to achieve space efficiency, execution time efficiency, cross platform development, execution environment, and device specific coding etc.

Our implementation specify an effective approach in code clone detection which is a hybrid model that can cover maximum coding behavior and classes of clones with optimum value to fetch results, faster and reducing the number of comparison overhead. In this paper we also specify the key techniques that can save time and effort of comparing the code line by line between two files. A review map of scholarly research articles reveals a concluding mark that no single scheme defines procedure for all types of clones detection thus a research corner remains unaddressed which has been taken up as problem statement in our research work.

In this paper we proposed a hybrid model to resolve the problem in effective way with an objective to gain accuracy and improving retrieval performance of the system. Past there is many routing algorithms have been proposed, all that algorithms are not much capability to design Opportunistic optimal routing performance. HS includes mainly three phases: homing, spreading, fetching, this algorithm can spread a multiple given number of message copies are spreading between the mobile nodes and community homes.

By using both algorithms we can calculate the minimum expected delivery delays, faster message deliveries, and achieve the optimal routing performances, mainly the maintenance cost are low. Cloud computing is known as a provider of very large scalable dynamic services and virtualized resources over the Internet. Job scheduling is most important task in cloud computing environment because user have to pay for used resources based upon time.

The main goal of scheduling is distribute the load among processors and maximizing their utilization by minimizing the total task execution time and also maintaining the level of responsiveness of parallel jobs. Existing parallel scheduling mechanisms have some drawbacks such as context switching rate, large waiting times and large response time. There exists two-tier priority based consolidation methods : conservative migration and consolidation supported backfilling and aggressive migration and consolidation supported backfilling.

In this method, partition the computing capacity of each node into two tiers, the foreground virtual machine VM tier with high CPU priority and the background VM tier with low CPU priority. In this paper propose a new scheduling method which is better than both conservative and aggressive backfilling. This method provide reservation selectively, only to the jobs that have waited long enough in the queue.

Also divide the computing capacity into k-tier. There will be one foreground VM and number of background VMs. One of the methods of serializability in transaction commands is lock-based protocol. Although locking ensures mutual exclusion, it brings about starvation or deprivation in executing transactions. Locking on a tree structure through using multiple aggregation method is one of the locking methods for nodes of a tree that allows each node to have various sizes.

At the same time, it creates a hierarchy of data in which smaller particles are located within the larger ones. This article fully explains the colored Petri Net model of the protocol along with shapes of places, transitions, functions and commands. Abstract This study has been conducted on the basis of satisfaction of rural customers towards mobile phone service providers in Allahabad. The first public phone network was started in Finland They are providing number of services for the rural customers like; calling services, internet services, value added services offered supplementary services , customer care help services , portability services change one service provider to other service provider Key words: network coverage, billing services, customer care, and value added services, portability.

Lakshmi Narayana Reddy, Dr. Kiran, Dr. Bhaskara Reddy, Dr M. Image authentication is a mark on an image of trade to indicate its origin and authenticity. Image authentication is important in content delivery via untrusted intermediaries, such as peer-to-peer P2P file sharing or P2P multicast streaming. Technology has no limits today we have lot of software available in the market by which we can capture and alter any image.

In this context, it is important to develop systems for copyright protection, protection against capturing, duplication, and authentication of content. In this paper we propose image compression with image authentication. From our experimental results, the technology provides a unique signature for every processed image. We can use the unique signature to confirm if the image is modified easily.

With the proposed technology, we can strengthen image authentication effectively with image compression technique. Bhivarabai sawant institute of technology and research, Wagholi, pune. Cloud data security is concern for the client while using the cloud services provided by the service provider. In this paper we are analyzed various echanisms to ensure reliable data storage using cloud services.

It mainly focuses on the way of providing computing resources in form of service rather than a product and utilities are provided to users over internet. In the cloud, application and services move to centralized huge data center and services and management of this data may not be trustworthy into cloud environment the computing resources are under control of service provider and the third-party-auditor ensures the data integrity over out sourced data.

Third-party-auditor not only read but also may be change the data. Therefore a mechanism should be provided to solve the problem. We examine the problem contradiction between client and CSP, new potential security scheme used to solve problem. The purpose of this paper is to bring greater clarity landscape about cloud data security and their solution at user level using encryption algorithms which ensure the data owner and client that their data will be secured.

In this paper, 15, 11 reed Solomon codes have been designed and implement using Spartan field programmable gate array device. The design is carried out by writing VHDL code. The waveforms are tested using the package ISIM simulator and synthesis report and programming file are obtained using the Spartan 6. Simulation waveforms show that 15, 11 reed Solomon decoder could correct up to 2 error in given polynomial to the encoder. If a peer changes its point of attachment to the network, it might lose a part of its trust network.

These issues might be studied as a future work to extend the trust model. So we solve this issue in our proposed system, here we assign particular id to peer node which maintain by server. So if that node goes out of network, still when it again attach to network whole data information loaded to that node so we can get trustworthiness. Open nature of peer-to-peer systems exposes them to malicious activity.

Building trust relationships among peers can mitigate. In the experiments, good peers were able to form trust relationships in their proximity and isolate malicious peers. Peers are equal in computational power and responsibility. There are no privileged, centralized, or trusted peers to manage trust relationships.

Peers occasionally leave and join the network. A peer provides services and uses services of others. For simplicity of discussion, one type of interaction is considered in the service context, i. Optimal resource utilization is one of the biggest challenges for executing tasks within the cloud. The resource provider is responsible for providing the resources to create virtual machines for executing task over a cloud.

To utilize the resources optimally, the resource provider has to take care of the process of allocating resources to Virtual Machine Manager VMM. In this paper, an efficient way to utilize the resources, within the cloud, to create virtual machines has been proposed considering remaining resources should be maximum at a single machine but not distributed.

As a framework to virtual resource mapping, a Simple Genetic Algorithm is applied to solve the heuristic of allocating problem. Based on the fitness of the each allocation pattern obtained by crossover operator we will be able to find the best allocation of request to available. We may also use conversion of multiple parameters into single equivalent parameter so that number of inputs and comparisons will be reduced. Among the various complex and challenging tasks of upcoming road vehicles, one is road detection or road boundaries detection.

Many people die every year in roadway departure crashes caused by driver inattention in most of the cases. Lane detection systems are helpful in avoiding these accidents as safety is the major purpose of these systems. Such systems have the objective to detect the lane marks and to advise the driver in case the vehicle has a chance to depart from the lane.

In this paper, after a brief overview of existing methods of lane detection and discovering their limitation of ineffective detection of curved roads, we present a novel lane colorization technique using modified Hough transformation. The proposed technique can detect both the straight and curved roads very efficiently and enhance the results.

College , Sree Vidyanikethan Engg. In PMIPv6 Networks having many disadvantages like signaling overhead , handover latency ,packet loss problem and long authentication latency problems during handoff. So We Propose a new mechanism called SPAM which performs efficient authentication procedure globally with low computational cost.

It also supports global access technique using ticket based algorithm. Through this technique, it can implement handover authentication protocol and incurs low communication and computation costs, which in turn results in less computation and communication delay when compared with other existing methods.

In a WSN power consumption and congestion are major bottlenecks. These two are inter-related too Power consumption causes several nodes to become dormant and thus increase congestion in the network. Also, congestion leads to abuse of network resources leading t increased power consumption. By using adaptive load balancing technique, we reduce the problem of congestion in a network.

We improved the traffic splitting protocol TSP. The proposed method distributes the load in the network to all the nodes in the parallel direction such that no node has a congestion value above threshold. Simulation results have shown the algorithm to be efficient. Sri Rama Chandra Murthy, Dr. Sai Satyanarayana Reddy. We establish the provable superiority of multi-path routing protocols over conventional protocols against blocking, node-isolation and network-partitioning type attacks.

In that Two scenarios, a nodes high degree of node mobility, are evaluated. Scenario, and b low mobility for network nodes. Scenario a is proven to be P-hard for the adversary b is proven to be NP-hard and scenario to realize the goal. Several approximation algorithms are presented which show that in the best case scenario and it is least exponentially hard for the adversary to optimally succeed in such blocking-type attacks.

These results are verified through simulations, which demonstrate the robustness of multi-path routing protocols against such attacks. The best of our knowledge, it is the first work that evaluates theoretically and the attack-resiliency and performance of multi-path protocols with wire-less network node mobility. Mobile Cloud Computing is a fast developing technology today that faces the dominant problem of load imbalance due to the high demand of mobile applications.

There are lots of techniques available to solve the problem but the load balancing performance can be improved by using more optimized solution. This paper proposes a load balancing scheme based on Genetic Algorithm GA. The algorithm advances to balance the load of the mobile cloud infrastructure while trying to minimize the processing time or responsiveness of tasks with reduced number of migrations of virtual machines and improving the resource utilization by dividing the computing capacity of a datacenter into n number of virtual machines executing the number of requests at the same time and thereby improving the performance.

The proposed load balancing scheme has been implemented using the cloudsim simulator. The simulation results shows the efficiency and effectiveness of the proposed algorithm. It is quite challenging task to achieve security in a Mobile ad hoc network due to its wireless nature, lack of infrastructure and its topology which changes dynamically.

Among them a harmful attack take the advantages of the above mentioned characteristics is the Sybil Attack. In this attack a malicious node uses several identities at a time and increases lot of misjudgments among the node of the network or it may access the identity of the other legitimate nodes and create false expression of that node in the network.

College, Tirupati, A. Most of the Outlier detection algorithms in data mining are used to find outliers in static databases. Those algorithms are generally inappropriate for detecting outliers in dynamic databases where data continuously arrives in the form of streams such as sensor data. Association rule based outlier detection method can be applied to streamed data where frequent item sets are evaluated internally.

One of the outlier detection approaches used for static databases include clustering based method, where K-means clustering algorithm is used internally for discovering outliers from various static databases. In this paper, we propose two approaches for outlier detection.

One is to use association rules based method for dynamic databases and the other is to use pruning based local outlier detection method, which internally uses K-means clustering method for static databases. Experiments on various data sets are performed to detect the deviant data effectively in fewer computations. As a way of information leaking, printed document is recently becoming a major security risk. Embedding digital watermark in document to identify data leaker when necessary is an effective resolution to curb the outflow of documents.

The challenge of the solution is to get better compromise between robustness and transparency. The goal is achieved according to two features. Firstly, it is found out that heights of Chinese words of nature documents are natively not same, and most height relationships between adjacent words are reserved after print-scan. So, a watermark can be embedded into texts by modifying heights of words. Secondly, modification of same level may affect visual effect differently when apply to Chinese words with different weights, densities, aspect ratios, etc.

The research studies all these elements to construct a visual model. The experimental result shows that by applying the method, the watermark can be extracted from distortion texts as a result of print-scan, print-copy, or print-photograph.

International traders, and politicians necessitate an interactive language system to keep their work secure. Using a direct language translator enables customers to deal with others using their mother languages. This machine fulfills security, and high confidence. This system may be used in teleconferences and international committees.

This paper presents a modular translator that translates Arabic to English and English to Arabic. This paper tests the statistical correctness of transformation, it gives encouraging results. The routing in vehicular networks is exposed to danger by the harmful nodes which aim to endanger the delivery of messages.

Compromised nodes can extremely impact the performance of the network by capitalizing a number of attacks. To minimize these problems, a way of securing beacon-less routing algorithm for vehicular environments S-BRAVE against selective forwarding attacks using neighbouring nodes as guard nodes is developed. They watch for the message to be sent by the next forwarder, in case this vehicle does not forward the message, they take the responsibility of sending the message to the next hop. To increase the packet delivery ratio S-BRAVE routing algorithm is extended by including the traffic awareness of the roads, thereby routing the packets in a denser environment gives higher probability of delivering the packets to their respective destinations.

P, India. In the present context, the world is confronted with the twin crisis of fossil fuel and environmental degradation. The fuel economy is achieved by efficient combustion inside the cylinder which is possible by uniform mixing of air and fuel in the cylinder.

The swirl can be generated in the diesel engine by modifying three parameters in the engine; they are the cylinder head, the piston crown, and the inlet manifold. The objective of the present study is to enhance the swirl effect in the cylinder which causes better performance and reduces the emissions.

In this work an attempt is made using fixed curved blade with different inclinations placed before the intake manifold for effective air swirl motion. For this, the experiment is done on Kirloskar AV1 water cooled, natural aspirated direct injection diesel engine with pure diesel.

Keywords: D. Diesel Engine, Fixed curved blade, Swirl, Emissions In the present context, the world is confronted with the twin crisis of fossil fuel and environmental degradation. Diesel Engine, Fixed curved blade, Swirl, Emissions. Abstract: Infrared technology relies on the interruption of an infrared light grid in front of the display screen. This technology has apparent advantages in the large-sized applications, it is simple, low cost and highly feasible.

Upon touching the screen, one or more of the beams are obstructed resulting in an X and Y coordinates being sent to the MCU to process and indicate the exact touch point on the display unit. In any case, OTG expose to be a kind of architecture in which interconnected nodes share assets amongst each other without the usage of a consolidate regulatory system. The perfect charm of OTG is that host and peripheral device swap roles if significant. Prior concept of OTG, design of embedded host was formerly popularized in universe of USB [14] building them exceptional suited to embedded environment than pc with its enormous resources, vast scope for drivers and application software.

USB was developed as quick fix to pc interconnectivity [1]. The appeal for these products is rising constantly with fame; there is obligation for them to impart both with USB peripherals and directly with each other when PC not available. In modern era, evaluation of networking and wireless networks has come forward to grant communication anywhere at any time. Security of wireless networks is main aspect and encryption algorithms play an important role to provide the security to the wireless networks.

This paper provides a fair performance comparison between the various cryptography algorithms. The survey is done on some of the more popular and interesting algorithms currently in use and their advantages and disadvantages are also discussed. In this paper we analyze the encryption and decryption time of various algorithms on different settings of data.

Visual Cryptography is a special encryption technique to hide information in images in such a way that it can be decrypted by the human visual system. It is secret sharing scheme which uses images distributed as shares such that, when the shares are superimposed, the original image is revealed. In last decade Visual Cryptography has evolved as an entity which divides the data into different shares and then embedding is done.

This technique is also is less secured. In this paper we propose an encryption algorithm, which is applied on the different shares of the images. Before embedding the image into the cover image, shares are also encrypted for which the size of share images and the recovered image is the same as for the original secret image. Pixel expansion and the quality of the reconstructed secret image has been a major issue of visual secret sharing VSS schemes. The proposed scheme maintains the perfect security and the size of the original image.

Cloud computing is an emerging technology of business computing and it is becoming a development trend. The process of entering into the cloud is generally in the form of queue, so that each user needs to wait until the current user is being served. Cloud Computing User requests Cloud Computing Service Provider to use the resources, if Cloud Computing User finds that the server is busy then the user has to wait till the current user complete the job which leads to more queue length and increased of waiting time.

So to solve this problem it is the work of Cloud Computing Service Providers to provide service to users with less waiting time otherwise there is a chance that the user might be leaving from queue. Cloud Computing Service Providers takes such factors into considerations as the amount of service, the workload of an application environment, the configuration of a multi-server system, the service-level agreement, the satisfaction of a consumer, the quality of a service, the quality of a service, the penalty of a low-quality service, the cost of renting and a service providers margin and profit.

Cloud Computing Service Providers can use multiple servers for reducing queue length and waiting time. This project shows how the multiple servers can reduce the mean queue length and waiting time. Cloud computing provides a rich set of features and facilitate user to install softwares and applications in virtual machine VM temporally to finish their task with that software which is required and not available in cloud.

But some attackers mislead this feature to introduce vulnerability as applications into VM. These applications are distributed over the virtual network and denial some services running over the VM accessing unknowingly by multiple users. To prevent vulnerabilities in VM we are introducing a network agent periodically scans the VM for vulnerable things and reported to attack analyse.

It build attack graph by analyse the attack to know its type and apply selective measures to optimize it by network controller with help of VM Profiler. Disruption Tolerant Networks is network architecture which provides communication between two node in unstable or stressed environment areas.

Due to limited network resources such as buffer space and bandwidth, these DTNs are easily vulnerable to flood attacks in attacker sends as many packets or replicas to overuse the limited network resources. To overcome these they employ Rate limiting to defend against flood attacks in DTNs. By using this rate limit each and every node over a particular packet so that if any node exceed rate limit then that node can be discarded.

They propose a distributed scheme to identify attacker if they exceed rate limit. For that the basic idea of detection is claim-carry-and check method. In these method each node itself counts the number of replicas or packets which was sent and claims the information to neighbour node, then receiving nodes carry the claims information when they move to other neighbouring node.

And then cross-check these claim whether the carried node consistent or inconsistent. If inconsistent detected then discard that node and add to Blacklist. By using rate limit certificate we can find flood attacker when they exceed rate limit of that attacker node. To overcome this proposed uses MD5 Function. In which it will generates bit hash key for the node who wants to send packets less than rate limit.

Based on bit hash keys, attackers who sends packet within the rate limit can also be easily identified. Nowadays there is widespread use of WLAN enabled devices, so it is equally important to have efficient initial link setup mechanism. In this paper a fast access authentication process is implemented which is faster than current Through experiments, it is observed that the inefficiency of Due to more number of round-trip messages in To overcome this, an efficient initial access authentication protocol FLAP is proposed which introduces two round-trip messages with authentications and key distribution.

Proposed FLAP protocol scheme is more secure than 4-way handshake protocol. Simulations are conducted using different scenarios like Authentication delay, Throughput, Packet Delivery Ratio PDR , Packet Drops are measured for different scenarios and compared between the Forwarding nodes are selected among neighbors based on their location.

Existing mechanisms invokes periodic beacon update scheme which consumes the network resources such as energy and bandwidth specifically when the network traffic is high it creates packet loss in the network leads to retransmission of data packet causing additional delay and energy consumption.

It should follow the beacon update frequency adaptively based on mobility and its forwarding topology or pattern instead of fixed ones. Nodes whose movements are harder to predict update their positions more frequently and vice versa , and ii nodes closer to forwarding paths update their positions more frequently and vice versa.

This project contributes Mobility based forwarding node selection scheme to reduce the beacon overhead further. Performance of the proposed technique is conducted using Network Simulator. Proposed scheme achieves lesser over overhead than existing schemes. Disruption Tolerant Networks is network architecture which provides communication between two nodes in unstable or stressed environment areas.

In this method each node itself counts the number of replicas or packets which was sent and claims the information to neighbour node, then receiving nodes carry the claims information when they move to other neighbouring node. Data mining is a process of collecting and analyzing the data for different purpose. Now a days Data mining is not only used in industries but it is also required for educational institutes. Data mining is an effective tool for decision making, cost cutting, increasing revenues etc.

Most users take the help of search engines and browsers for obtaining data. However, the data we get from these sources is not ready to use type of data. It is very herculean task to covert these data into accurate information. It is just like searching diamonds in the huge ocean. This paper tries to give a new look to traditional data mining process.

Web mining embodies three parts i. This paper suggests a new frameworkfor text mining based on the integration of Information Extraction IE. Web mining deals with three main areas: web content mining, web usage mining and web structuremining. This research paper gives details of the cache memory and its various Optimizing techniques. The early Beginning part of the paper makes you familiar with the term cache.

Further ahead, the paper covers the Importance of cache memory in microprocessors. In order to mitigate the impact of the growing gap between CPU speed and main memory performance, todays computer architectures implement hierarchical memory structures.

The idea behind this approach is to hide both the low main memory bandwidth and the latency of main memory accesses which is slow in contrast to the floating point performance of the CPUs. Usually, there is a small and expensive high speed memory sitting on top of the hierarchy which is usually integrated within the processor chip to provide data with low latency and high bandwidth; i.

Moving further away from the CPU, the layers of memory successively become larger and slower. The memory Components which are located between the processor core and main memory are called cache memories or caches. Thus, going through this paper one will end up with a good understanding of cache and its Optimizing techniques.

This research is a descriptive research on defect management process in software quality. Most large software products have elaborate quality control processes involving many tasks performed by different groups using a variety of techniques. The defects found are generally recorded in a database which is used for tracking and prioritizing defects. However, this defect data also provides a wealth of information which can be analyzed for improving the process.

This paper, describe that when-who-how approaches for analyzing defect data to gain a better understanding of the quality control process and identify improvement opportunities. The proposed work is about to use defect tracking and defect prevention for quality improvement. Measurement of surfaces attack as parameter of metric for version change. In software metrics, developers increasingly focus on counting bugs at code level are no of vulnerabilities encountered at system level generally but we focus on surface attack as a measure to differentiate a version of two compare- able system to justify which is better than other.

The attack surface metric is validated by conducting an user survey. Our measure can be used as a parameter by software developers in the development process and consumers in their decision making process. Grid computing is progressively considered as a next-generation computational stand that supports wide-area parallel and distributed computing Scheduling jobs to resources in grid computing is difficult due to the distributed and heterogeneous nature of the resources. In Grid computing finding optimal solution for such an environment is in general an NP-hard problem, and so heuristic technique must be used.

The aim of grid task scheduling is to achieve high system throughput and less machine usage and to distribute various computing resources to applications. Unproductivity in grid computing scheme may occur when all jobs require or are assigned to the same resources.

This paper proposed a Multiple Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for task scheduling in grid computing with the concept of Tabu Search algorithm. The algorithm focuses on local and global pheromone trail update. The mobile communication takes place using wired network, infrared and bluetooth which consumes lot of battery power and have security issues.

The main objective of research in to mobile communication is to use human body as transmission channel for electrical signals. However, so many experiments has been performed under the research of intrabody communication like capacitive and galvanic coupling to optimize operating frequency, channel length, electrode used etc. In this paper a new methodology has been developed for the alternate wireless mobile communication.

School of Engg. Software product development life cycle, feasibility study is an integral part. Conventionally feasibility study requires dedicated infrastructure and resources that are expensive and only used sporadically. In the growing complexity of business applications it is harder to do feasibility and also to maintain the mimic real environments.

Feasibility study tools provides resources which are Unlimited in nature along with flexibility, scalability and availability of distributed feasibility environment, thus it has opened up new opportunities for software feasibility It leads to cost-effective solutions by reducing the execution time of large project feasibility study. In this paper I propose a new fuzzy mathematical model to attain better scope for feasibility.

The availability of large volumes of Semantic Web data has created the potential of discovering vast amounts of knowledge. Semantic relation discovery is a fundamental technology in analytical domains, such as business intelligence and homeland security. Because of the decentralized and distributed nature of Semantic Web development, semantic data tend to be created and stored independently in different organizations.

Under such circumstances, discovering semantic relations faces numerous challenges, such as isolation, scalability, and heterogeneity. This paper proposes an effective strategy to discover semantic relationships over large-scale distributed networks based on a novel hierarchical knowledge abstraction and an efficient discovery protocol. The approach will effectively facilitate the realization of the full potential of harnessing the collective power and utilization of the knowledge scattered over the Internet.

Hidden data detection in cover images by using steganography is termed as Image steganalysis of image. All techniques of steganalysis can be classified into two categories i. The main objective of a steganalytic is to detect stego images that are created by a any specific steganographic method. In case of a blind steganalytic technique the detection of stego image is independent of the steganographic algorithm used.

Also, it is based on a machine learning classifier, which is trained with high-dimensional features. Lots of new image steganographic algorithms become content-adaptive, in order to improve security and processing speed. Great challenges are possessed by advanced content-adaptive steganographic techniques to steganalyzers. These challenges are especially possessed to the feature-based blind steganalyzers.

So, a technique of encoding and decoding for image is proposed which is very much generalized to the case of a source with redundancy. Also, we have introduced the Computational entropy of the source analogous to the computational cut-off rate of the channel.

Also, a range of transmission rates is found. The average number of decoding computations is finite for this rate. Our proposed technique also explores the tree code in such a way to try to minimise the computational cost and memory requirements to store the tree. Actually, it gives the possibility of encoding the source output into the channel input and also of decoding the output of the channel into source symbols.

This technique avoids the intermediate operations for encoding and decoding. Performance of proposed algorithm will be evaluated by calculating computational or processing speed of simulation. Blog-spam is one of the major problems of the Internet nowadays. Since the history of the internet the spam are considered a huge threat to the security and reliability of web content.

For dealing with spam there are so many methodologies available. A wireless sensor network is a collection of nodes organized into a cooperative network. The nodes communicate wirelessly and often self-organize after being deployed in an ad hoc fashion.

Currently, wireless sensor networks are beginning to be deployed at an accelerated pace. This new technology is exciting with unlimited potential for numerous application areas including environmental, medical, military, transportation, entertainment, crisis management, homeland defense, and smart spaces.

In particular, their application to healthcare areas received much attention recently. The design and development of wearable biomedical sensor systems for health monitoring has drawn particular attention from both academia and industry. Therefore, focus has been given to the routing protocols for maximize the life time of wireless sensor network. In this paper we present a survey on power efficient hierarchical routing protocols in Wireless Sensor Network.

Firstly, the routing techniques has been discussed for WSN. The drawbacks and comparative study of routing protocols has been discussed. Finally, the existing research issues in wireless sensor network is provided. College , Tirupati. In distributed computing, Cloud computing facilitates pay per model as per user demand and requirement. Collection of virtual machines including both computational and storage resources will form the Cloud. In Cloud computing, the main objective is to provide efficient access to remote and geographically distributed resources.

Scheduling refers to a set of policies to control the order of work to be performed by a computer system. A good scheduler adapts its allocation strategy according to the changing environment and the type of task. In this paper, we discuss the concept and basic elements of Internet of Things and how it can be applied for healthcare applications from monitoring heart rates and blood pressure to ensuring regular usage of medicines.

These health care related devices connected to the Internet will need to be secured so as to make this technology a success. With more and more IoT based devices getting connected to the Internet, resulting in the extended surface area for external attacks. Therefore, the issue of security and privacy remains the prime concern. In this paper, we do literature review of the on-going research in the field of securing Internet of Things in healthcare and based on the findings, we can say that they fail to address the security and privacy issues in one way or the other.

Abstract: In recent years, the demand for compact handheld communication devices has grown significantly. Devices having internal antennas have appeared to fill this need. Antenna size is a major factor that limits device miniaturization. In the past few years, new designs based on the Microstrip patch antennas MSPA are being used for handheld wireless devices because these antennas have low-profile geometry and can be embedded into the devices.

New wireless applications requiring operation in more than one frequency band are emerging.

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I would also motivate just about every person to save this web page for any favorite assistance to assist posted the appearance.

Pes 2014 torrent-oyun download games The approaches to watermarking are diverse and can be broadly classified based on their visibility, robustness, or fragility. In this paper I propose a new fuzzy mathematical model to attain better scope for feasibility. A Career in Naturopathy is good i love it. Open nature of peer-to-peer systems exposes them to malicious activity. Gulabi queen! You have shared this helpful info with us.
Bijli preet harpal mp3 320 kbps torrent For complicating still more many companies not only build on public on Public Clouds but their own Private Clouds will be combined with public cloud, evolving to the hybrid cloud. Honey Singh March 6, at pm. Your work is very good and I appreciate you and hopping for some more informative posts Real Estate. This paper presents a Fuzzy Data Mart model that imparts the exile interface to the users and also extends the Data Warehouse for storing and managing the fuzzy data along with the approval data records. The attack surface metric is validated by conducting an user survey.
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Jai vu passer les oies sauvages torrent To increase the packet delivery ratio S-BRAVE routing algorithm is extended by including the traffic awareness of the roads, read article routing the packets in a denser environment gives higher probability of delivering the packets to their respective destinations. Thank you so much! Interview Questions Survey February 15, at pm. Very informative thanks for such type of information Important Sarkari Yojanaen. It is extremely helpful and interesting and very much looking forward to reading more of your work. Rapid development in wireless communication technology has paved a path for the increase in mobile users to access the information from anywhere and at anytime.
Bijli preet harpal mp3 320 kbps torrent Just the way nature is mainly composed of 5 elements, i. The growth of the Internet along with the increasing availability of multimedia applications has spawned a number of copyright issues. Some of the existing techniques for medical image fusion see more not necessarily enhance the image contrast or make image features more distinguishable. Such intelligent systems can be utilized by industries and their developer saving time of recoding of existing code rather than inheriting or extending the existing one, to adding new features as required by the application they wish to develop. Because of the decentralized and distributed nature of Semantic Web development, semantic data tend to be created and stored independently in different organizations. I found some interesting things and I will apply to the development of my blog satta results.
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